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Resident Evil: Retribution (Trailer 6-14-12)

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  • Looking forward to seeing this tonight in IMAX with my boyfriend! Gonna get out of work early to go see it, so it's a double-win.


    • Originally posted by Red-Jackal View Post
      That's one thing that's bothered me about Alice:
      I have no idea. The whole thing is a mess with lots of contradictions. the plaga parasite wasn't explain pretty well..i guess its just enhance the host' abilities like speed, endurance, immune to bullets etc but with no physical mutation effect.
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      • How were the 3D effects? I actually quite liked some of the things they did in Afterlife.


        • ]Interviewer: What do you feel the people at Capcom think about Alice and the Resident Evil Movies?

          Milla: What do the fans think of alice?

          Interviewer: No, Capcom

          Milla: .............The kids capcom? *confused*

          Interviewer: Capcom, the creators

          Milla: Oh....... the creators....... of the game? Uhm......Well, I think they're like the Umbrella Corporation. They walk on set and they're all nice and friendly, but, then they look at what we're doing and they kinda just have this look like.......o.0 expression on their faces and make me scared of what they're thinking


          Milla: The people at Capcom change all the time. One moment they'll give you Jill Valentine and then the next game she's just bad for some.......hapsicle reason. I mean which is ok, they're not script writers. No one is able to really connect all of the Resident Evil characters in capcom's world because it's always constantly changing and sometimes it doesn't even make sense. That's why you need a script writer to come in and braid it all together to make something cohesive.


          Milla: I get requests all the time from fans who are like Where's so and so character or why don't you focus a story on caliban cove? I mean, I know there's like 20 or so of you hardcore gamers who actually really care about stuff like that but, for the rest of the world, who really cares? I mean, what's caliban cove? *laughs*
          That fucking whore.....


          • She's dumb as a doorknob, but I too am a little surprised someone would mention Caliban Cove. Really, I didn't think S. D. Perry's Books were that well-known.
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            • Not sure if anyone else caught it, but the character Sergei's last name was Vladimir.

              It's not listed in the credits, but you can see it when his name is listed with the other members of the strike team as they infiltrate the facility and Red Queen is scanning them.


              • "Oh no, the game's story has characters changing from game to game, that's so confusing!"

                Fucking stupid cunt. Also, is she implying games don't have a script and people who work on writting those scripts?

                I really don't have words to expresses myself, really, it's just too much bullshit for my brain to to process.


                • Such disregard for the series.
                  See you in hell.


                  • Originally posted by xfactor View Post
                    Good thing i watched it for free
                    I assume that you won tickets in a competition..

                    Remember guys, admitting to piracy is a bannable offence...


                    • I did... well I didn't "win" them, Sony sent me them from my old contact anyway, from previous times I've been in touch with the local branch.

                      But I still haven't been able to drag myself down to the cinemas to watch it yet... going to have to get in the right mindset :p


                      • The pacing of the movie is terrible, for the first 30 or so minutes there are several long pauses of nothing happening that don't add to the moving at all, the long slow rewind at the beginning was pointless because the scene was actually played normally anyway, when stuff does start to happen the bullet time and slow motion action doesn't help pick the pace up properly for a long time.
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                        • Originally posted by Rombie View Post
                          But I still haven't been able to drag myself down to the cinemas to watch it yet... going to have to get in the right mindset :p
                          Or with enough alcohol in your bloodstream.
                          See you in hell.


                          • Just watched. What an incredible piece of crap.


                            • I dunno if anyone caught this, but this whole "biome" thing is almost exactly like the S.D. Perry novel RE: Underworld. Starring Leon, him and a group of others descend to an underground lab separated into different environments. Intentional or not, I liked the idea.

                              I enjoyed how it was a bit slower paced than other movies in the series. Also, twist end is twist. Not sure how I feel about it.

                              Overall, I'd put it middle of the road.

                              1. Resident Evil
                              2. Afterlife
                              3. Retribution
                              4. Extinction
                              5. Apocalypse

                              Keeping in mind I haven't watched the others in a while so it's subject to change.

                              Also, all I'll say is Barry is a motherfucking man. And a little nod to Leon and Ada at the end made me laugh.
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                              • I ended up watching this with a few friends last night after some beer. My God, I feel dumber now.