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Biohazard (PS) promo video in Japanese CSG TV-Game Collection [VHS / 1996]

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    Originally posted by drunkdog View Post
    Maybe they made those demo versions with intent of using those to send for testing/reviews to the game magazines..... and both those early alphas actually came from full builds or close to full.
    I think the builds were designed for the likes of the V-Jump presentation and then were sent out to demo in other countries. From what I can tell the builds we got were for Capcom USA or something as along with the discs pictured there are documents written in English giving an overview of the alpha, with a brief outline of the story and the controls etc.


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      So I re-ripped footage of that CSG trailer of BIO1 that had better quality live-action scenes I uploaded in 2012.
      It would seem that said scenes were originally recorded at a higher frame-rate. They look like quite good.
      If you have Twitter, follow me!. =P