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What's your favorite Resident Evil Music Track?

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    Still gives me goosebumps to this day when playing RE2, it's purely the best 'Escape' BGM of the series. RE3's comes closely after.

    Also, as much as ORC sucked ass, the menu theme is catchy.
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      Originally posted by Ketsui View Post
      Love this too

      It's a shame you listen the two Marshalling Yard for few minutes
      Yeah, for years I never understood why those tracks were poorly used in the game. When I later found out that they were tracks originally made for the RPD in 1.5, it suddenly made sense.
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        I like a lot of the resident evil soundtracks. Its hard to pick one, but I like this one I don't remember the name of this track though. It is not "save theme" I know that much!
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          My favorite ever, RE2 "true ending" credit song:
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   I throw in my two cents... Great mood creator


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              i like may RE songs, they are incredible good.

              right now i fell in love listening this music again and again, it dates from the old goods 2003, the gold era of RE, i was enjoying the remake and waiting for RE4. so much past feelings, i want to cry.
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                ^ That's a great track. Quite a sad piece, really.
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                  Originally posted by Det. Beauregard View Post
                  ^ That's a great track. Quite a sad piece, really.
                  someone said on youtube channel it is sad too. isnt you? this song and outbreak opening are true masterpieces. if there was a RE orchestra show, outbreak intro would open it, this would end it.

                  this song have a powerful feel of ending, and it fits both a good and bad ending. actually this theme close an important part in history which the RE series was an untouchable artwork.


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                    It's been posted already, but RE2 Escape Alarm theme
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                      Originally posted by yurieu View Post
                      if there was a RE orchestra show
                      That would be amazing. If I recall, a live show with an orchestra was going to be done, but one of the composers from CVX (and I believe RE2) refused to let the orchestra play his music. Lame.

                      Apparently last year, an orchestra performed "Wind of Madness" from RE5. I know it's from RE5, but it's one of the better tracks for sure.

                      Oh, and the Outbreak theme is amazing. I really enjoy the credits theme in File #2.

                      Originally posted by Code_R View Post
                      It's been posted already, but RE2 Escape Alarm theme
                      I love how chaotic this track is. There's the string melody, but then there's the quick ascending line which just screams "get out before you get blown up!" I prefer the rendition in Darkside Chronicles, with an orchestra:

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                        I love the games music... I have two tracks which I love.

                        The first one, and top favorite:

                        And this one too. Makes me wanna punch boulders. So much energy in one "loop".

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                          So many favorites but lately I've been listening to this.



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                            Ada's Theme Song <3
                            Darkness : Tactical reload wasn't even in deadly silence LMAO
                            ^ Lol ...


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                              @aris13 - Definitely one of my favorites from RE5, as well. That whole segment in the game where the engine room is exploding all around Chris reminded me a bit of the end of Code Veronica when he was chasing Wesker and escaping the base. It has that same feel, and the music is a big part of it.
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                                Ok, so let's see. Wreckage of the Mad Experiment, Marshalling Yard 1 & 2, Outbreak Theme and Credits, Resident Evil's guardhouse basement, Resident Evil 2's lab escape, Rust in Summer 08 and the Resident Evil 2 Full Credits have all been posted.

                                God damn it.

                                Then I'll give mine to a really underrated track in the series, in my opinion.

                                Special mentions go to Zero and Code: Veronica's save themes, Annette's Recollection, The Underground Lab and Live Evil.