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  • Fan Evil: Possible Project

    Long time C++/C# Coder and I'm bored.

    I'm just curious if there is any interest around for a fan made Resident Evil game. Like, from the ground up made. Not simply modding scenes and models. I've been coding for many of years now in a variety of languages and wish to re-capture the great times I had playing the early RE games. Issue is I don't know if people would take interest in a project, if I could find modelers, people do to textures, translators for multi-language support, testers to test on multiple OS's all that jazz that is required to do, when you are making a game. (I'd obviously use a open source game engine, or acquire a cheap indie license to a higher class one)

    So, any interest in this? I know coding of it wouldn't be an issue for me as I have developed on games source codes in the past, this is just a bigger project since im not adding to or fixing source code, I'm writing one from scratch.

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    I recommend getting a early build of the engine done and show people, videos and any media speaks louder then words any day.


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      I think UDk is free and Unity 3 game engine has a free version too. Unity uses scripting languages like C# and Unity script(javascript version). And is for Mac OS, Windows, and I think Linux too.

      I would be interested in creating a model or too. I am in the process of watching tutorials to sharpen my skills at the moment, so I won't be able to make models quickly. But you can have a bunch of people model different objects, characters, enemies, etc. for the same project.
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