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Resident Evil: ORC Tournament on Aug. 8th!

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  • Resident Evil: ORC Tournament on Aug. 8th!

    I just stumbled upon this news, there's an ORC tournament on the 8th, deadline Monday to sign up a team! It's for 360 & PS3. Winners will receive a signed copy of the game + other prizes which aren't specified.

    According to the rules, there must be a team "leader" who will stay in contact with the refs and the tournament will take place in private matches. The tournament will consist of team battle then survivor.

    Again, "final" teams of 4 must be registered via email before the deadline. I've been playing ORC quite a bit -- both single player and multi -- i'd really like to be a part of this and give it a try and I think I work well with others. I do have a mic and play on Xbox 360. I'm a fairly civilized so i'm not one of those players who has outbursts with tantrums and swearing and so i'm looking for 3 like-minded teammates to work together (preferably who also have mics).

    The reason I haven't posted my GT here (yet) is because i'm not sure if I should. I'm thinking if someone sees this and registers me with their team, and then another person does the same.. well that would probably cause a disqualification or something similar. Maybe doing this through PM where info can be traded - like who will be leader and GT's and generally get everything sorted out (there's not much time left) would be better. Or perhaps we can sort that here in the thread, I dunno really.. whatever's easiest.

    C'mon guys let's do this, I know some of you still play this game! Serious inquiries please though, I want to do this and it'd really suck to have team members not show up on the day. Oh yeh and one of the best rules of this is: NO grenade/classic launchers! A-holes who use them with be disqualified!


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    I entered a previous one, was nothing but the teams camping up on rooftops and abusing the fact the other team needs funnel themselves into a small stairway where they can easily be mowed down as all four can fire on them 1 by 1 because not enough room for the other team to go up together. That one allowed grenade launchers so at least the first person going up the stairs could get a shot or two off and break the kilzone for the others, but it was still very boring and very lame, and this one banning them means cannot even punch through like that now.

    They should have use Biohazard mode and Nemesis, the teams need actually move about on those.
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