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The process of acquiring beta contents

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  • The process of acquiring beta contents

    Hi there. Recently I was contacting a Lead Developer on a '96 PSX game which it's better not to tell the title. He was going to give me some beta builds of the game to check for cut content like levels and such, but I guess I blew it all up by being too naïve

    So I created this thread to ask how one acquire contacts and such to experienced members

    Thanks in advance
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    Well, I've never been in beta negotiation, but I think I might be able to help. If there is one thing I learned from interviewing movie directors and the like back at my old job, to get what you want, you can't be too eager- or kiss assy for that matter. If you start getting too eager, sending to many emails, making too many calls, they'll grow sour on the whole process and just cut contact. I learned that lesson from a rather prominent director I blew it with long ago. Secondly, you can't push too hard to get what you want. The one mistake most people make is asking too much, too fast. You have to build a relationship of trust, this process may take some time, before you start making requests of ANY kind. The person has to like you before they'll do anything for you, so be courteous, understanding, and all around amicable. You can't get impatient, if the person says they will give you such-and-such thing at such-and-such time, you have to take their word for it and not push the matter. If they're giving it to you for free, they're running the show and you have to take it slow. In a nutshell, you're going in the right direction if you're courteous, understanding of their situation, accepting of their timetables, and likable.

    Of course, if you're putting MONEY into this endeavor, some of the rules change a bit. Like the the last one, if you're putting money and this and are promised the product at such-and-such time and don't receive it, then you have the right to push them a little.


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      Slowly build connections. KEEP A LEVEL HEAD. Have money ready.
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        Become friends with someone already capable of doing so. Realise it it not a cheap thing to get into.
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          Don't acquire beta, there are too many scammers out there looking for buyers.


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            Be sensitive and professional-like when you approach to these people. These were people who worked in the industry as a job. Cut the "WE LOVE BETA STUFF BECAUSE... AND I LOVE HOW YOU MAKE GAMES... KAWAII DESU" crap. Cut to the chase, and just tell them your intention with the content in short simple sentences. It saves time for reading and it doesn't bloat the point.

            I got my own interviews done that way in the past.

            Otherwise, resort to someone with experience.
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              Depends on the game. You can buy a prototype for 20$, or you can spend 2000$, it all depends. Or you can get it for free. Getting good stuff takes time, even when I have the cash games don't just magically appear And Id like to say Ive covered plenty of prototypes, good (Star Wars Battlefront 3) and worse.


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                Well, the game wasn't that famous (and it seems that I was the only one that played it, haha) and he was going to give me early builds for free... but I guess I wasn't very professional when dealing with him, so... I guess it's over for me, that was the only lead (the Lead Developer). And I had money in stock just in case.

                Thanks for the nice tips
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                  Really, the best thing you can do is be professional, and shoot an email. Don't bug them too much, don't rush them, that sort of thing. I consider myself to be small game even with the titles I've covered, I know some people here are far better than myself at getting some rare games.


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                    To acquire beta contents, do what someone did on bioflames, PRETEND you have something rare. I think it was COLVIN who claimed he had resident evil 2 beta 1, where you can play as Claire or Leon, unlike beta 2 where you only play as Leon. I knew he was lying but NOBODY listened to me. You could tell he manipulated screen shots of Resident Evil 2 and made untextured models. He even fooled INFLAMES. I think Colvin was looking to exchanged his beta 1 game for some other rare game or something. But then everyone knew he was lying because he wouldn't show more proof. But he had people going for a long time
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                      well, let me say what i have in mind.

                      some games have their own little forums. in those, the devs and the developers keep in touch with us to hear praises, complains and technical issues.

                      if u build a nice standing in the forum, provide help to others and posting interesting stuff(like curiosities, easter eggs, theorizing), maybe you can ask about the development process and maybe the devs and moderators can give you nice features from betaz.
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                        That won't happen. Developers who want to keep their current jobs generally won't share recent things. And if they do, they usually like to keep it anonymous, untraceable.