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Is The True Story Behind Biohazard or 'The Beginning' canon?

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  • Is The True Story Behind Biohazard or 'The Beginning' canon?

    So I was just doing a little catch up prior to RE6 and decided to read this again. I would like to know if this is actually considered canon, if so I have several questions and also if not.

    If it is Canon then why is this not mentioned in the game? Was this just something thought up after release to as a little extra, was it considered to be a part of the game and was cut? This would make for a brilliant cutscene intro.

    If this it not considered canon can you please state why and also what or if there are any inconsistencies.

    If it is canon I appriciate anyone who takes the time to answer any of my questions. Theres alot I apologise for the length

    I hope it is canon because we learn quite alot of things about Chris in this little piece. Probably more than we have in the entire series.

    -Chris and Claires parents are dead, they were hit by hit by a truck while on vacation and had to be identified through dental records.

    -He is into Rock music and probably plays guitar possibly where Claire got her biker jackets. As he dreams of being a rock star. He is also definatley not gay as he 'dreams of being surronded by female fans' lol good to know.

    -He has a friend named Billy who he hung out with while they were both in Racoon City during the time he was in STARS and Billy was working for Umbrella, can we assume during this time that Billy was working at the mansion? How did he get out on a regular basis? As Chris states they hung out ALOT. To add to this another question about Billy, If he was already working at Racoon City why the heck would Umbrella pretend to send him away on work and then bring him straight back? Seems pointless. He may even have retruend to the Mansion after pretending to leave the country as he wants to meet Chris at Victory Lake this is pretty close to the Spencer estate.

    -He also enjoys abit of a casual life as he states he was drinking the night before, I also assumed Chris would be abit of a party pooper.

    -Appears Chris was probably a jock, athletic, trouble maker, dumb.

    -It states that he was in the Air Force, is this the first time we heard this? Or was it mentioned previously.

    -Ok onto the part where he finds the girls and her husband and see's and shots a dog which runs off. Why is none of this mentioned in the game? Sure it was released after but also Remake didnt aknowledge any of this neither? If this did happen then Chris should have known exactly what they can expect when entering the Arklay woods several days later. This is the bit I find hard to by into and probably should have been left out.

    -The dialouge between Chris and Irons is pretty laughable, its almost like good cop bad cop 80's show kinda stuff. Chris is supposedly some kinda cool guy renegade cop. Although he just comes off as kind of an asshole during that part.

    -Going back to a previous thread on this forum about the STARS office when people where debating if the STARS rotated shifts. If this is considered canon it states 'The two teams rotated shifts and were assigned separate cases, except when something big happened and both teams were called in.' So that solves that mystery.

    -So it actually says that Chris held back the information about Billy to himself so he could try and solve it solo. That ties up one loop hole. Doesnt explain why they hand no idea about the dogs though.

    -Also some light is shed on Jill being a STARS officer, she has somewhat of a reputation for saving kids.

    - Also it goes on to confirm that she did know the two young girls that were killed. Both this and Chris/Billy story were both featured in the SD Perry novel. Wether or not this is canon and how alot of people feel about her novels, you have to give it to her she did do her research. At least for the first novel. At the time this Truth Behind Biohazard story was probably only available in Japanese. I'l give her credit here.

    -There is an Umbrella Company building in Racoon City? I highly doubt this. We would have gone there in one of the games. Now thats one hell of a loop hole.

    Ok this is a long ass story I will continue the rest tomorow if someone can confirm its consider canon. I hope so because I spent so bloody long on it now but also I think it adds a few answer to some questions even if just small ones like character insights. If anyone read all that I aplaud you.

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    The actual book came out with the release of Biohazard on the Saturn if I'm not mistaken.

    The main reason I don't think it's canon is that it tells a story where Chris (and Jill too IIRC) meet zombies before they do in the mansion. Although possible; the characters probably would have reacted differently in the mansion had they encountered zombies before. But I don't think there's anything in the games themselves that contradicts this story. I think it's more a case where small details add mounting disbelief that it actually occured


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      Novels are not canon.


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        No it's not canon. There are too many inconsistencies that do not fit with the events of the games. For example Chris and Jill meet zombies and learn all about the t-Virus and Umbrella before they even leave for the mansion. Also, Richard Aiken is a member of Alpha Team in this book. He is in the STARS office trying to Bravo Team on the radio when they lose contact with them.

        Tim, the original author of the Project Umbrella timeline, did an admirable job of trying to make it fit, but you just cannot do it without ultimately picking and choosing from the material.

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          However, Chris does like Rock and fast cars : we can see proof of that in the STARS office, with his guitar lying around his desk, and a poster of a Shelby (?) on the wall.
          The Air Force bit is canon too.


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            Ok so basically its non canon because you guys dont think it fits. I havent finished it yet but I have yet to read about Chris and Jill encountering zombies. Chris meets a zombie dog but he isnt even sure of what he saw. So there is no actual confirmation on this from Capcom just a few inconsistencies, ok fair enough but I want to hear it from Newsbot first.


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              It is 100% non-canon. CAPCOM confirm it in Archives.
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                Originally posted by News Bot View Post
                It is 100% non-canon. CAPCOM confirm it in Archives.