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Capcom's 1989 game "Sweet Home" inspired RE?

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  • Capcom's 1989 game "Sweet Home" inspired RE?

    I recently learned that Capcom made a Japan-exclusive game for the NES back in 1989 called "Sweet Home" which was based on a movie. Aside from being considered the first Survival-Horror game ever made, it has several of the same mechanics that RE1 used years later; Things like the mansion setting, zombies and creatures, multiple playable characters, limited inventory space, multiple endings and the classic "door opening" load screen. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia...

    "The game features randomly encountered battles which the controlled character or party of characters must fight or run away from. If a character dies in battle, he or she cannot be revived throughout the course of the game. The five characters have a specific skill that is necessary to complete the game, although items that serve the same purpose can be found if one of the characters dies. For example, should Akiko (the team's nurse) die, the team may find pill bottles which can be used to heal ailments. Depending on how the player ends the game, there are a total of five different endings the player may receive."

    It also goes on to say that the original RE1 was going to be a remake of Sweet Home*. This is all probably old news to those fans who have studied Capcom's history more than I, but I found it really interesting. Here is some gameplay for those interested!

    *The source according to Wiki, I have yet to read...
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    I knew of the game, the premise, and even the similarities with the setting, but they even have a female character that starts with a lockpick and a male character that starts with a lighter? C'mon, Capcom.


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      Yeah it will be old news to long time fans.

      The lead designer for Sweet Home was Tokuro Fujiwara, he was Mikami's boss when Biohazard was made and the focus was the game started supposedly with his idea of being able to do the things he couldn't do with Sweet Home. This interview has been doing the rounds in the last months, it's an old translation of an old interview from the early 2000's which covers his career and discusses both Sweet Home and Biohazard.

      The following is a translation of a March 3rd, 2009 blog post by Fuunoshin, retrieved from the site NESGBGG. The post includes excerpts from interviews with various game developers, with the majority of excerpts originating from an interview with Tokuro Fujiwara, the creator of series such as Resident Evil. It appeared in Vol. 12 of … Continue reading The Man Who Made Ghosts’n Goblins →
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        Sweet Home is about a group of journalists who willingly go to an abandoned haunted mansion to make a news report. When they enter, the ghost of the house owner's wife locks them in.

        If we take the plot in consideration, only the abandoned mansion scenario was inspired from Sweet Home. Maybe some other elements, I didn't played the whole game.
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          Sweet Home and Doctor Hauzer were the "inspirations" to Biohazard.
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            I always forget about Doctor Hauzer. Add the original Alone In The Dark to that list too.


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              BH1 is basically an amalgamation of those three games to the point you could call it a rip-off. What sets it apart is its scenario and Zombies.
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                Never read this interview before. Very interesting, thanks, Rob!
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                  "Capcom's 1989 game "Sweet Home" inspired RE?"

                  Not exactly new news there, Mikami has said many times that Sweet Home was the biggest inspiration for RE, followed by alone in the dark.

                  Thought he interview Rombie posted makes this thread worth checking out, thanks for sharing dude!


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                    Indeed, and for those of you who haven't seen the movie, I suggest you check it out on youtube. It's actually a pretty good film.

                    This will start you off.
                    This is the first part of the Sweet Home movie that was made in Japan in 1989 that launched the same year as it's NES counterpart. If you've played the game...
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                      Originally posted by REmaster View Post
                      Indeed, and for those of you who haven't seen the movie, I suggest you check it out on youtube. It's actually a pretty good film.

                      This will start you off.
                      I've saw the movie yesterday, it's really good. The game is completely faithful to it.
                      But a lot of things that inspired RE came from the gameplay.
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                        Just played a portion of Sweet Home on NEScafe.... God it's annoying to play. xD


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                          No prob guys, as I said has been doing the rounds of late (seen it a NeoGAF and Biohaze) and obviously has interesting info so always worth sharing.


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                            Yea Sweet Home is not known to many, I guess you could call it the "father" of Resident Evil.


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                              well, just watched the movie. people say RE took many menus and gameplay features from this game, like carrying limited items.

                              but in the movie, the final view of the mansion in RE is a clear homage to the movie. you all should watch it, it looks simply, but has some strong elements.

                              if capcom had followed the "suito homu" style like it should be, we would go thru remake, zero until RE3.5. but now, i must say Alan Wake came and took those great elements that Capcom got rid off.