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Resident Evil - Barry's Mod (2019)

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  • Resident Evil - Barry's Mod (2019)

    Welcome to Resident Evil - Barry's Mod. I have been working on this mod for Resident Evil PC since around may 2019. What started off as an experiment with me changing in-game sounds slowly grew into a large scale modification for Resident Evil. I slowly began to learn how to edit sounds, graphics, enemies, items, 3D models and more thanks to the help of some incredible Resident Evil modders. Barry's Mod v2.0 has been a massive labor of love and something I wanted to create by a fan for the fans.

    I hope you guys enjoy!

    ===== Media =====

    Click image for larger version

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Name:	4.png
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    ===== Trailer =====

    ===== Resident Evil - Barry's Mod v2.0 Features =====

    + Play As Barry Burton
    + Completely Re-written Story Cutscenes
    + New Character & Monster Textures
    + New Music & Sound Effects
    + Changed Puzzle Solutions
    + Added New Details To Some Rooms
    + Changed Zombie Locations & Attacks
    + New Item Locations
    + Changed Beretta to S.T.A.R.S Custom version
    + New Starting Items
    + Changed Title Screen Details
    + Changed Photos On Item Screen & S.T.A.R.S Cards
    + Files Have Background Images
    + Save Screen Now Shows Barry's Name
    + High Resolution FMV Movie Files
    + Changed Ending Movies

    ===== Download =====

    ===== Credits =====

    Mod Developed & Created By - Aydan Watkins
    Original Concept - Naruto157
    Textures Ported By - Leigi & EnricoMarini
    Music Ported By - MechanicalPaladin
    Additional Help - Gemini & BiohazardFE
    4 Itchy Tasty.

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    Cool beans, I have been watching a Youtube video of this mod. Great work.