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Resident Evil - Barry's Mod (2019)

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  • Resident Evil - Barry's Mod (2019)

    Welcome to Resident Evil - Barry's Mod. I have been working on this mod for Resident Evil PC since around may 2019. What started off as an experiment with me changing in-game sounds slowly grew into a large scale modification for Resident Evil. I slowly began to learn how to edit sounds, graphics, enemies, items, 3D models and more thanks to the help of some incredible Resident Evil modders. Barry's Mod v2.0 has been a massive labor of love and something I wanted to create by a fan for the fans.

    I hope you guys enjoy!

    ===== Media =====

    Click image for larger version

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    ===== Trailer =====

    ===== Resident Evil - Barry's Mod v2.0 Features =====

    + Play As Barry Burton
    + Completely Re-written Story Cutscenes
    + New Character & Monster Textures
    + New Music & Sound Effects
    + Changed Puzzle Solutions
    + Added New Details To Some Rooms
    + Changed Zombie Locations & Attacks
    + New Item Locations
    + Changed Beretta to S.T.A.R.S Custom version
    + New Starting Items
    + Changed Title Screen Details
    + Changed Photos On Item Screen & S.T.A.R.S Cards
    + Files Have Background Images
    + Save Screen Now Shows Barry's Name
    + High Resolution FMV Movie Files
    + Changed Ending Movies

    ===== Download =====

    Resident Evil (Barry's Mod) is a stand-alone modification to the PC version of Resident Evil and allows you to play through the original game campaign as Barry Burton but with many changes to the game including new item and enemy locations, story and...

    ===== Credits =====

    Mod Developed & Created By - Aydan Watkins
    Original Concept - Naruto157
    Textures Ported By - Leigi & EnricoMarini
    Music Ported By - MechanicalPaladin
    Additional Help - Gemini & BiohazardFE
    4 Itchy Tasty.

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    Cool beans, I have been watching a Youtube video of this mod. Great work.