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Resident Evil Demake Project (Like Nes)

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  • Resident Evil Demake Project (Like Nes)

    Hi people, I'm new here,
    I stay working in a Demake of the first Resident Evil like 8bit, with a game system like
    Sweet Home of NES. I started this proyect the last summer.
    The game will be in English and Spanish
    The game firstly will be released encrypted, and later I will release the game fully editable.

    Demo (only spanish) (august-2011):

    the official updates site:
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    a lot of time without updates, well here a video


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      Looks interesting so far. How will the combat work? Will it be in an RPG style (Similar to Gaiden), or much like the regular RE Combat?


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        the battle system will be in the same map but not as gaiden (the video is not synchroniced lol)


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          Some years later I come again for post updates, I've forgotten this thread,
          about the game status: it's playable up to beat the snake and enter in the guard house,
          I uploaded a demo in my blog, the direct link

          About the maps and the events, the last map made was the plant42 and the IA, it's completely new because the biohazard of nes use a front battle system and the plant looks like a mushroom.

          The last version use a action battle system, so there is no random encounters/turn based-battles.
          I'm making now a new menu system like the biohazard of nes, Click image for larger version

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            Hi again
            The project is very advanced now.
            Now I'm making the music tracks based in midi, thanks to the info of MarkGrass

            Tyrant tests:

            Click image for larger version

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