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Resident Evil 4 Trial/Demo Editions

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  • Hey Dot I would like to download those trailers :S but the links are dead


    • You'll have to wait on those ;( I'll get them back eventually.


      • I'm just trying this out now, but I keep getting issues with Dolphin. When I try to load it, all I get is a black screen with red text that says "FLOAT CALC ERROR".


        • No surprise, Dolphin isnt all that great yet


          • Do you have any other emulator suggestions? I'm going to try out Dolwin, it seems like it might work.


            • RE4 doesn't work on any emulators.


              • ok i want to tell some people some stuff

                first if u need the Resident_Evil_4_Trial_Edition_(Debug_Unlocked)_[D5C&MG].rar

                i have it, i was lucky to grab the original torrent b4 it went down on all the mirrors, and there are plenty of mirrors of this torrent online, but i like to have original first uploads and im sure everyone else does too.

                so if you need it just say the magic words and i will make plenty of mirrors and md5 hashes.

                also, dolphin is very under developed from what i've seen, here in the US a nice used gamecube costs 30$, which is an awesome price imho.

                how have i launched the game and played it?

                i have the last version of SD-boot from tehskeen, with info files and all the, unfortunatly i do not have contact with the author but im sure if i used my google skills i could find his email somewhere.

                so heres what you need to do

                buy a gamecube -
                buy sd media launcher from codejunkies (action replay makers)
                load sd-boot onto the sd card along with the re4 hacked demo

                boot it all up on gamecube and WAM! you've got yourself a working playable re4 debug menu game.

                ofc if anyone wants sd-boot i'de be happy to post that aswell.

                i know the gamecube scene is slowly dying, maybe fastly but i like to have hope, but i still love to load all the emulators on the gamecube and play all the classic games, which the wii can do to but eh, why bother when my gamecube can do it just the same.

                maxBirdy, here to bring nostalgia to your gaming, out.


                • You might not wanna mention torrents or anything like that. Pirating isnt allowed here.


                  • It's just a demo, shouldn't be a problem
                    lostreleases // demopals


                    • I'm pretty sure anyone who cares to search should be able to still find that in the wild


                      • Can anyone identify this one?