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    lol I love how he thinks that its a magically simple process that happened by changing a file or two. As if


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      why you gotta be busten up the n00b. yeah i'm busy too, thats why a summerization would help over peoples little put downs you wanna throw at me.

      i can see any further i touch that " we can't be talking about that subect" i'm prolly gonna get banned. so i'm gonna apologise right now, and i'm sorry, truely didn't want to pester you, but thats waht it came donw to, i'll stop. anyway if u banned me, then there might be a crazy hit and miss game of me regging multiple other accouts.. very bad.

      anyway i think i've conveyed my interest in re4, and once i had a small group which i believe once contacted mark in the past with info on the drs files. and this is the same person's thats told me about your stuff with the demo and the video teaser. so thats why i'm here, and thats what you get for posting teasers i guess. lol

      before i logoff heres some work, me and the other guy did on deadoraliveultimate.. also dot50cal* doau is not all about tits and ass, you perv <_< dare you trash talk my hard work. ~_~
      check it out its pretty cool, its re guys in a fighter, -skins for doau.


      godo? the chainsaw guy
      angry villager

      later ;)


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        When refering to "tits and ass" as you put it, I was discussing your website. Also please dont try and threaten me with opening multiple accounts. It does nothing but make us laugh, as the last person who tried this lost his ISP access when I notified them. He also got a rather long time out from his parents after I discussed the situation with them

        [SIZE="5"]BACK ON TOPIC[/SIZE]
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          whoa, you got some problem, if all your doing is stalking people now
          though thats a pretty old site. and no thats not what you were talking about. also thats not my ISP anymore, and i doubt they'd dicoonect my service.

          >why are you being such a hard ass. i was joking. but obviously you are too sice you didn't ban me. but still yo thats creepy. but at the same time gratifiying. i made that when i was like 16, and since i'm no longer with bell canada, i can't remove that page. so you got me, age name all. HELLO.

          but the good side is you failed to find the new site. that ones about anime and psx games. if you found the new one, then i'd be impressed. come-on wow me.

          also is this like a invite to a showdown or something?

          readup a bit.
          correct me if i'm wrong.
          A. you knew about the debug
          B. you and mark played with it
          C. some how you discover how to unlock the disabled pages in debug
          D. you spend a lot of your time figuring out what the disabled pages do
          E. you feel that releasing this info is bad, as you don't want people taking credit?
          F. well thats were i am now.

          well i guess my job is to do some serious decompiling of the dol file. then i guess the rest should just follow behind, or was it more complicated, along the lines, each page has to be individual hacked?
          sorry, sorry more questions... now i'm hearing about RE3.5, thats just cool. now i'm freaked about it.
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            also why is this hush hush, whats the RMA or whatever. is this a serious matter?
            >do i seriously have to wait for this feature thing to come back online to find that answer.


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              You ask me a forbiden question. I tell you I cant answer it and to stop, You ask me three more times the same question. I ask you to stop again, and give you a warning. Now you insult me and "call me out"? not to mention bring your models and some personal issue with me into this thread to derail it. What the fuck? Now you post another bump...LOL!!!!!! I've said all that I will on this matter.


              [SIZE="5"]PS If you attempt to join in this discussion any further at this forum or try to register under a new account I will be notifying you isp Rogers that you are in violation of our TOS and conducting disruptive behavior.[/SIZE]

              Sorry but THIA doesnt bend to some kid who cant be assed to read an article and then requests the main admin to summarize its contents for him, since hes so special. Nor do we take kindly to threats that you will open multiple accounts.
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                Here's this giant enemy crab!


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                  Yes, you may all get a +1 count by spamming the Bannon Crab as he has been fed tonight. Its been a long time since he has feasted and this welp has not fufiled his hunger. He must be praised lest he be loosed!!


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                    Don't bump topics 20 minutes after posting on them with questions you were told not to ask,

                    or you'll get

                    And now that you have been,


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                      Since part of the article is called "Hacking The Trials", do you and Mark plan on taking a shot at the other trial/demo builds? I'm particularly interested in whether or not any of the PS2 trials have a similar debug menu, or has this not been explored yet?

                      If so, do you guys plan on pursuing it?
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                      If you read this, you wasted five seconds of your life.


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                        Well we tried getting the debug working with the PS2 but its not possible. Capcom wisened up and put extra measures to make sure it wasnt possible. Ill be looking for textures though. ;)


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                          Originally posted by Carnivol
                          Here's this giant enemy crab!
                          Come on man... It's RIDGE RACER!! RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RACERRRRR!!!

                          Tonight, I was seeing the forum, I just wanted to check the updates. When I saw this "thing" here. This arguement...
                          Man... why are you (mariokart64n) pursuing this information so badly!? Do you see anyone else acting like you?
                          Oh, I see, you want to be the black sheep. That FREAKING SOCIOPATH GEEK THAT THINKS A DOLL INSIDE A CRACKED EGG IS SOMETHING WORTH SPENDING 300 DOLLARS!
                          Sorry about that behavior Dot50. But I just thought that he deserved this.
                          Why is Debuging RE4 so important yo you? Have you ever tried to get a girlfriend? ... sry, weakspot?! =)

                          Anyway... Dot50. Banning is something you should have done a long time ago. This boy is not going to stop harassing you so easily.

                          btw. go try to learn something about webdesign. When I was 12 I could do better pages ;)
                          And learning how to write is a good thing too! See.. I'm brazilian and I can write english better than you
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                            To get this back on track, I should have an update coming along soon. I havent forgotten about it. Things just keep poping up that take urgency over the situation. Mostly the problems have been medical in nature. Bear with me, I want this done as much as you guys.
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                              RE4 Trial Feature updated

                              I added two more pages today. Its been quite a while since I updated so I went ahead and added some interesting things this time. We're finally into the main and final debug menu for the RE4 trial and Im almost done with this trial and then Ill be able to move onto hacking the BH4 trial. Theres just one more huge hurdle called "Flag Edit". This is a set of 0's and 1's that are litterally thousands in number. They all do something to the game and its my job to find out what and document it.

                              Page 19
                              Page 20
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                                Two small revisions were made on the Weapons page. Thanks to Krieg for finding one I also added the last two working options of three on the main debug menu. Next ill be going into the FLAG EDIT as mentioned above.
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