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  • I gave up on this type of discussion a long time ago. I don't see the point if you don't have any influence at Capcom or do not represent a major group of buyers of the game. So just enjoy the game, right?

    Personally, I would like the series to begin again from just after CV (either by Capcom or unofficially). But I still think RE4 is a great game, just not really the direction I was hoping for.


    • I couldn't care less about the game-style. Mikami wanted to change the direction of his game, so he was who
      changed a lot 'cuz he wanted the series to go into this way. RE4 was kinda weird, I really enjoyed it but at the end of the day
      I realized that it wasn't really what Resident Evil is, nowadays RE is becoming more than just a bit of scary moments now is
      a piece of action-packed, I just miss those good old days, RE4 is a good shooter but not a good RE game, check what happened
      with REUC, They're loosing oldies fans out there, So now i'm just worried about what are they going to do with their plot...
      Some people feel happy with just nothing, others complains about it 'cuz it could've been a lot better...

      I know evolution changes a lot the things, but the fact of getting something named as RE knowing it really isn't it worries
      me .
      Since we don't care about how much money they are making with this, i can barely say that i just don't mind about the new gameplay-style
      because RE4 has no original plot but RE5 might bring back the oldies times with the original plot we were being curioused about.


      • I can't believe I read this entire thread...
        I havn't visited this site for ages and now I find you all STILL fighting about RE4 vs classic style gameplay
        It was kinda interesting though...
        I love the old games and I love RE4 (maybe I'm easily pleased).

        Some of the new info about RE5 has me a bit concerned. I'll be very surprised if the game's not awesome. I'm confident that the time and effort Capcom are putting into it will result in something GREAT. The new trailer has some spectacular scenes and looks like fun.
        What concerns me is I read that nearly the whole story will be co-op. So if you're not playing 2 player, you will have a constant A.I. sidekick. It might be okay or might be annoying, depending on how it's done. I'm also worried that there may be too much emphasis on online play. I'm feeling like an old school dinosaur because I've never got into playing games online (I'd rather play with myself ) and everything nowadays apparently HAS to be online... For the last few weeks I've been spending all my free time 'living' in Liberty City and I still havn't taken it online once.
        Open environments and cover system, might be okay, I'll wait and see. But I actually don't like the real time changing weapons. I've always used the pause when entering my inventory, to have a little think about what to do. One thing I didn't like about the Outbreak games was being open to attack while I changed weapons or tried to use my inventory. They had to do that because of online play, as you can't have the action stop everytime one of the players enters their inventory.
        I hope the story has plenty of connections to the past. But I'm a bit sick of Wesker. I'd be happy to see the prick get wasted (permanently!).
        New chick? Okay she looks pretty hot but why not use Ada or Fong Ling?
        CV is my least favorite RE game so I hope there arn't too many similarities. By the looks of the trailers, it's a lot more like RE4 than any of the others (with some Gears and MGS elements).

        I'm excited but waiting to hear and see more. I'm hoping (like most of you) that Capcom dosn't completely forget RE's roots and remembers that this is a Survival Horror franchise.


        • The same story here with me Skunky, same worries. I agree with you in everything but real time weapon change. It is not so bad because you can have only two weapons on you in real time at once. So if you want to change it go to pause menu like in previous games.
          "Barry never vanished from the series. It was the series that vanished from Barry. He's inside all of us. " (C) Smiley


          • I may not like the outbreak series game play, but I love the enemies and environment. I just didnt like the AI and it didnt feel like a RE game to me in that perspective. Though i wasnt to happy about the AI and movement, im not knocking anyone else for liking it. Infact I like every single game in the series. Gaiden, Survivor, and Dead Aim I liked (I was impressed by the darkness and third to 1st person shooter, it was fun!) I dont even own a Wii and i have RE:UC. I wish I could get CV survivor 2 even though I heard it wasnt that good. I am a collector as well as a player and a fan. I loved RE4, it made me tense in situations of being surrounded by enemies. Not feeling welcomed and the uneasyness of what you would walk into was pretty intense. Infact I kept my original Devil May Cry game because I knew the fact that RE4 was originally going to be what became of DMC. I included it in my RE series as part of it. I am a pretty much die hard fan, still am, RE5 looks amazing and looks like it is going to blow all of the other games out the water. My fav re title since it was my very first game on playstation was and is RE2. It scared the living hell out of me when i was 10 back in 1998,. Im 19now and still follow strong with the series. Time to move on with the changes and refreshing the series is a great step in furthering a game.
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            • Very well said Stars g36, besides my first Re was also the second. Damn, it was a love from the first sight
              "Barry never vanished from the series. It was the series that vanished from Barry. He's inside all of us. " (C) Smiley