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NVIDIA Resident Evil 5 - Stereoscopic Benchmark Tool

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  • NVIDIA Resident Evil 5 - Stereoscopic Benchmark Tool

    Seems like NVIDIA has now release a Resident Evil 5 - GeForce 3D Vision Benchmark tool, to both get an idea of how the game will perform on your computer and to check out how it looks while wearing a pair of stereoscopic 3D glasses.

    According to people in this thread on the neogaf forums, you can still run the benchmark without having the stereoscopic glasses (no idea if it'll render things without stereoscopic imagery in mind when you do so).

    Anyway, go here to grab the nearly 600mb heavy benchmark tool and hit the comments section to post your results!

    (PS: If I wasn't so darned lazy, I would've tossed together a picture of Chris wearing 3D glasses and put up with this post instead of just "borrowing" the banner thing from NVIDIA's site. Also, check this post for a slight ZOMG-worthy preview of what the PC version of RE5 appears to offer.)
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    I'm going to see how bad I fail this :x


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      Wow, I hope those costumes will be DLC.


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        That's awesome. New costumes, Mercs maps, and 'triple' the number of enemies? I hope it's not PC-exclusive.

        BTW, Sheva looks SO sexy in those glasses...
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          Oh man alive - looks like I'm gonna be buying it again! lol More content for the console owning FAIL.

          Is Sheva supposed to be Ingrid Hunnigan? And where does Chris' costume originate from?
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            I believe it's from the crazy dude in Mad Max, reminds me of the Demolition tag team.
            If he had a brain, he'd be dangerous.



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              I was first thinking "Jessica?" when I saw Sheva, but she's probably being Hunnigan, yeah.

              Chris... very Mad Max looking, indeed. Oddly enough, God Hand was the first thing I thought of. Wonder how many alt costumes there are and how many are from different Capcom games...

              As for new content in the PC version?

              So far I only see new costumes. No confirmation of that shot being of a new Mercs level, and I don't remember what the max enemy count was in Mercs, but I "think" I can spot 14 enemies in that shot + Sheva and Chris, bringing the char total to 16, which... I think is within the limitations of the console version too, if you actually made it a goal in life to gather as many as possible in one spot.


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       is Hunnigan. I didn't realize it until now, for some reason. That's brilliant.


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                  Hmm... I saw that alternate costume picture in a forum and I freaked out. I've been wanting a shirtless Chris for so long! I wish he didn't have that armour on though! Yeah, Sheva is definately Ingrid.

                  So... is this PC exclusive? I wonder why there is so little infornation around it.


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                    Sheva as Hunnigan? Very delicious, yes, but I feel a little... disappointed. If those costumes become DLC, I hope there's more than just this set. I really like how Sheva looks and all, but I just find it a poor choice compared to all the other possibilities.
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                      Originally posted by djepic112 View Post
                      I wish he didn't have that armour on though! Yeah, Sheva is definately Ingrid.
                      I think that could be modded by ripping and replacing textures (ie. making it transparent) via Texmod; I saw people moding DMC4 and SF4 with this program.


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                        Who cares about the new costumes anyway? it's a PC port, there will be plenty moded costumes to download from everywhere when released. Gonna try this Benchmark thing on my pc... expect fail though.


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                          I just want it on the consoles... : (

                          Some people on that website were able to run the demo at more that 60fps. I thought the PS3 was a strong machine? It has extreme frame rate drops when you play in-house 2 player.


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                            Originally posted by CODE_umb87 View Post

                            Wow, I hope those costumes will be DLC.


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                              Excellent, can't wait for the actual game!

                              I thought the PS3 was a strong machine?
                              Sure, 3 years ago it was strong.