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    Our podcast over at PU was always meant to carry on the torch from where the R.P.D. Dispatch left off. We're up to 36 episodes now, having recorded the original pilot episode way back in January 2012 before RE6 was even announced. Please show us a bit of support by downloading and leave some feedback on itunes, good or bad. Because we are generally useless we only made the transition to iTunes and podcast hosting sites very recently so any additional support would be very much appreciated.

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    This podcast is great.


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      Like I'm living it up over here. My only complaint is that the first seven aren't available through itunes. When I first saw the RPD Dispatch I was like; I'll either love this or it will just be a bunch of lame nerds talking about the games. I said the same thing about Project Umbrella. I was right on both counts both times. So that means I'm a lamer nerd because I've got no one to talk about the games. I listen to them at work and snicker,drawing questioning looks from my boss. Then I explain why "What do you call a BOW in space? A STARSTyrant." isn't as funny as STARSTyrant gently groaning in the background at the joke. Just listen to the podcast.