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  • Ff 7 Ac

    Is any one else excited about this? FF7 is like the best story ever told.

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    shityeah! I'm out of teh l00p. When are they finally releasing that?


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      WE orginally a day before it came out in japan. Which would of been sept. 13th but they pushed it back to november,

      But get his FF7 is huge. They have shit load coming out of it's world.

      FF7 Crisis Core: on the PSP:Sequel that take place 2 years after AC

      FF7 Dirge of cerbus: Play as vincent, it's oncoming out on the ps2 I believe, takes place after AC

      AC: takes place 2 years after the orginal game. maybe 4 years. Coming out on DVS, PSP

      FF7 Before Crisis: Now this is cool. Right now in japan it's on a cell phone. With PSX like graphics. But it's 4 years before the orgnial PSX FF7. You get to play as the Turks. Cool. Your fighing advalance from FF7 and come acroos sotrys and chapter that invole back when cloud was in SOILDER. Your partnered with Zack and Sephiroth. So you get to see many missions they go on before hell breaks loose. But they said they want to release in the US but not on a cell phone. Proably on the PSP, or they'll make it an extrea feature in one of the other games. Which is totally alsome.

      FF7 some thing...I forget: but it's an OVA anime of the oringal FF7. So it like simly watching the game as a But I heard some thing else too. That is like a side story of Zacks life. Cloud and sephiroth are in it. ALwell pretty cool any ways.

      FF7 complation pack...which is like 4 of the above in a pack. Include a art book.

      Then the one every one wondering about:

      Since they're making all this stuff, why not go and REMAKE the orginal..since it did change of all gaming. Well it tey said it's not planned but isn't out the door. So they may in the future. With all of the FF7 stuff, sure to be successfull, they'll give us what we want...A beautful REMAKE. Much like RE. lol

      this stuff is all kick ass


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        I'll quit my job and do nothing but play final fantasy for three months.


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          Accually about that FF7 Remake...the guy who made AC...said after little projects are cleared up. He will personally work towards a FF7 Remake...I guess he really wants it to happen too.


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            one can only hope so


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              I've had a subbed version of AC for a few weeks now but haven't gotten to watching it yet. I've been very busy.


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                Here's me being stupid...What is it? A mini-movie?


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                  Umm not a Mini...but a movie. A CG movie. Search it on the net. You should find out alot of shit about it. And every thing else FF7 coming out. The movie it's self is like 80 minute or 120 or some thing like that.

                  It has an extrea feature of a anime OGA or what ever. Spme thing to do with Zack I think. Not sure...haven't seen it lol.


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                    Man, Ive had it on my HD for like 2 weeks now and havent gotten around to watching it.... lol, I heard it was the shit though. But yeah, that remake! The PS3 Demo brought a tear to my eye, its just so damn good. Lol. Im gonna have to get that artbook.