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  • Oblivion

    Im finally getting into this game. I got a badass lookin dude too Anyone else playing? Its not really helping me in towns or when I spot people that im a murderer with a huge bounty on his head XD! Its making missions very difficult but im gonna keep kicking ass and generally not caring about the main storyline.

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    My face isn't that cool but I have joined the Dark Brotherhood too. I'm not progressing that far since everytime I play it I always get immersed and involved with stupid side quests. I'm working my way up the Dark Brotherhood for my Xbox 360 LIVE Achievements, then moving back onto the Mages Guild (which I was halfway through, but was suspended for when I joined the Dark Brotherhood).

    I've got the same armour too, Dot. I love this game so much since when you get into it it really picks up


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      This game is great, my friend has it for PC, I've played it for hours, It's just fantastic, Morrowind (the previous title) was great too, I have in my PC.


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        See, thats what I find weird. I didn't enjoy Morrowind all that much, but I love Oblivion.


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          I always wanted to get the one where you could turn into a werewolf, but I've never played any of them. One of my suitemates 2 years ago had the game and I watched him play it a few times. Looked interesting.


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            Seems you can turn into a vampire in this game, also theres uh.."Furry" classes in the game as well so that might be of interest to you


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              Yeha, I contracted Vampirism during a quest. It was so goddamn annoying.

              Stupid diseases in this game. I hate em! HATE EM!!!@!@!@!

              *ahem*. Well I've got my robes for becoming a Listener in the Dark Brotherhood, the highest rank there. It's so goddamn awesome, I feel so evil.
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                This one dude from the Dark Brotherhood offered to make me one, and his offer stands to this day ...though...Spoiler:


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                  Yeah, same here, but I've already finished that "Purification" mission.
                  I've completely finished the Arena tonight, and I'm up to "Journeyman" rank on the Mages Guild, after getting all recommendations.

                  Now, i'ts 2:15AM and I'm so goddamn tired!

                  Oh yeah, let's not forget the kickass horse we get from the Dark Brotherhood - who I just pimped up with horse armour


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                    It's not a furry class unless it's a person dressed up in an animal suit.

                    Furries are people, not characters.

                    If you ever refer to something as being "furry" and it's not A furry, I'll shit on your tonsils.
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                      Teh Furry pr0n artists disagree!


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                        They don't, and they need to die anyway.


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                          What factions are you guys a part of?

                          I'm the highest rank at the Arena, Dark Brotherhood, and just recently the Mages Guild. I'm working my way up to the Thieves Guild, and then, when I finish that, I'll find 20 Bear Pelts to be let back into the Fighters and finish them off.


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                            Dark Brotherhood - Listener
                            White Knights - Knight Errant
                            The Brotherhood (Vampire Hunters) - Brother
                            Thieves Guild - Grey Fox

                            Just a heads up, the Thieves guild missions get super difficult on the last 3 or so. Save OFTEN.

                            Doing side quests now, and once thats done Ill be joining the Fighters Guild.
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                              Who are the White Knights and The Brotherhood? Never heard of em. >_>

                              FUCK I'm vampirism-ed. I have to do the quest since my last save was too goddamn long ago, and I contracted it while sleeping so I autosaved.