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  • My Xbox 360 story

    So heres a little spot that Ill use to update you all on my thoughts while owning a 360. I should have started this 2 days ago, when I first purchased it (a 50/50 joint purchase with K5Blazer) but its better than nothing. Ill start with the day we decided to buy it.

    You can track our Gamerpoint progress here. As of this writing were only playing through Burnout Revenge. We have Perfect Dark Zero, which should be called Perfect Flop Zero as this game is awful.

    During the past few weeks K5 and I have become increasingly bored of playing games. Its just not fun anymore despite me spending lots of money to try and change that with such ease of use items as a System Selector, An Apartment etc. We realized this generation really isnt fun to play with anymore unless its on the PC. So with that in mind, we seriously began looking at the 360. About two weeks prior to the purchase date we began hitting game stores near daily looking for some game that would interest us. We came close to buying one many times but it was always decided (mostly last minute at the register) that we should wait for GOOD games that interest us.

    You might say there was Oblivion or some other game, however we had already played through most of Oblivon on the PC, and it was fun but it lost its "new" feel. It was about 1 week before the purchase day that we found Sam's club had a nice deal on a 360. You got:
    Xbox 360 Premium (w/ wireless controller and 20GB HDD)
    Second wireless controller
    Play & Charge kit
    Xbox Live Headset
    Ethernet Cable

    all for $449.42

    A pretty nice deal, and it also helped that Sam's club smartly set up a huge plasma tv with the 360 running on it and you couldnt miss it as they had it right where you walked into the front door (pics soon). It had NFSU2 running on it, which K5 already owned on PC. It was always being dominated though and we only had one chance to play it.

    5/12/06: Purchase day
    The day started like any other. I woke up, and soon after got in touch with K5. He was coming over and...He was brining his Xbox to show me this Volvo game he got from a dealership he worked at previously. I wasnt too enthusiastic about it. I began looking online and I seen that the Live Marketplace had a ton of E3 demo's on it, most notably the Lost Planet demo which I was very interested in. So with that in mind I already wanted to get one. I really wanted to play this game even if it was a demo!

    When K5 arrived with his X-Brick I pretty much had it in my mind that I wanted the 360. Unfortunately my bank sucks and my checks didnt clear until Sunday morning. So after he plopped his Flop-Box down on my floor with its mess of cables and titanic controllers I proposed we go 50/50 on a Flop-Box 180. Note: Flop Box is funny to me, and K5. We always have called Xbox this and will continue even though by this point I like the 360.

    We sat down and watched tv, something that has been happening for far too long. We havent even played a game in the past 2 months! All we did anymore was watch tv and go driving around. So after a bit of sitting down and realizing that it wasnt fun, we decided to go. He suggested Sams Club for their deal. So off we went! We decided that even if we couldnt find a good game we'd just get the 360 for the E3 demo's.

    I told him that I couldnt pay for it all and he couldnt either..So seeing that I had $263 in my bank account, I withdrew 250, and so did K5. When we arrived we stopped at the 360 station they had setup with their huge plasma, and it was surprisingly empty. We actually got to play! yay! Needless to say the HDTV was awesome. But it didnt help much that the game sucked. We decided that GRAW was out, as I played the PC demo and its not very good. NFS2 was also out as it was already played on the PC, and Oblivion was out as I owned it on PC already.

    So we went over to the game section and after some long looking, we decided to go to EB Games since they would probably have a better selection. So with that we picked up the Sams Club bundle and went to the register. I began to count out our $500 all in twenties! Ugh. We joked about the fact that most people dont pay cash for something this large in price. After we left the store with it, We joked about flop's some more and loaded it in the back seat and set off for EB Games.

    When we arrive at EB Games we seen they had removed their 360 Kiosk, but still had their retail unit set up. It was playing Burnout Revenge. We played for a bit and concluded that this would be a fun game. So K5 charged it to his credit card and we hurried home.

    Upon arriving the box was massacred and all the contents besides vital parts (Live headset is not a vital part) were thrown behind my couch

    After getting it out and hooking it up we decided to use K5's Xbox Live account which was already paid for. Given the fact that hes been paying for Live for around two years now and has only played it twice we felt this was a good idea.

    I convinced K5 to let me download the Lost Planet demo first rather than play our game here. He agreed and I went off to downloading. We got disconnected from Live twice but eventually got the demo. I was pretty un-impressed with it so after playing it for a bit we loaded up Burnout...but Burnout needed to update the 360...ok...............Since when do consoles need updates to play games properly???? Once we got into the game and got around its learning curve of about 1 hour this game is hilariously fun. Having never played a burnout game before, both of us were seriously impressed.

    GASP! A game thats fun and isnt Resident Evil or Metal Gear Solid?! We were hooked, Xbox 360 rekindled our passion for gaming. Ok, maybe thats giving it a bit too much credit however Gamerpoints and the various acheivements in the game really add replay value. We were under the mistaken impression that if we get Gamerpoints, we can buy things with them. However it turns out thats not the case, and you have to buy the points Good thing all the interesting things (demo's) are free!!

    So with a long day of gaming K5 packed it in and I tried to get the 360 to download some demo's. Unfortunately I couldnt as Xbox live would disconnect me every time I tried to download a large file. All the demo's are of course, large so this sucks. I retried about 30 times, and it kept killing my connection. Boy this sucks. Its apparently a large and well known issue.

    So with that I packed it in and went to sleep.

    More updates later!
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    is that a resident evil disc in that last picture ?


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      I feel very bad for your current situation. Even without many friends readily availible for gaming, I still find joy in every system that I still own. Large scale gaming parties are especially fun.


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        I'm damn psyched about the new SSB on the Wii. Gonna be a blast!!! SNAAAAKE!


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          Originally posted by Ice[DDZ]
          I'm damn psyched about the new SSB on the Wii. Gonna be a blast!!! SNAAAAKE!
          That has lots to do with a 360...oh wait.

          AJ, its just those NECA figures. I havent had time to clean up

          Niko, its just that PC gaming has spoiled us these past few years. Now that this console gen is fairly close the PC's were able to enjoy them again. I was into the pattern of only buying MGS or RE games for consoles for the past few years.
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            Perfect Dark Zero had me iffy from the start but after acquainting myself with it I still enjoy it. It's multiplayer over Xbox Live is solid, fun, and enjoyable. The aiming isn't like other console FPSs in that you actually HAVE TO AIM rather than rely on Auto-Aim.

            But yeah, XBox 360 is a cool piece of hardware. I also am surprised you had a few issues downloading the demos and trailers. Maybe you tried to download them when they'd just gone up during E3? During E3, the downloads were slow and kept cutting out but now everything works fine as.

            Are you planning on getting XBL Gold, Dot?


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              I have gold through K5's account. Not really worth it though, as I loathe playing on XBL. "IM GUNNNA BEEETT UUUU!!!!" - 9 year old over mic spam.
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                Yeah but I've been playing PC online games since 98. Up at school, it's mostly what I play but I've never gotten jaded with console gaming.


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                  XBL has been having issues do to e3 and the mass amount of people downloading at a time. It normally is fine for me ;)


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                    all i have to say is "lol"


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                      Originally posted by Dot50Cal
                      I have gold through K5's account. Not really worth it though, as I loathe playing on XBL. "IM GUNNNA BEEETT UUUU!!!!" - 9 year old over mic spam.
                      Just mute. Don't let people like that ruin it. >_>


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                        While downloading a demo, I went somewhere and when I returned this was on the screen:

                        I recall people saying this happened when the screen saver kicks in while your downloading but that was months ago. I cant beleive they havent fixed it. I thought it crashed but it was fine when you moved the controller.

                        Also we crashed Burnout, lol. While doing a crash event a horn kept blaring throughout the retrys, so I unloaded the map and re-loaded it. Now the controller kept vibrating no matter what. Then the game kept zooming out past the point of the map, with sparks going everywhere:

                        Also on the second day of playing we got a disc read error lol. Totally random and it hasnt happened since. But we lost that race save . Stupid 360 resets itself to the main menu when it happens. What the hell?

                        On a good note Burnout is still hilariously fun. Ill see If I can get some vids up of it when my replacment speakers arrive on the 19th.

                        Playing on Live is awful, It seriously takes me about 30 tries to actually get into a game. I either Cant connect to other players or get kicked by the room admin instantly. During 2 hours of trying to connect I got to play 3 matches. What the fuck? Anyway when I did get into the game I had two really fun ones and one awful one with a bunch of black guys who were just talking about how "high" they are and how cool pot is. They sucked bigtime of course, and one of them kept singing this stupid Rasta song about "powder". I quipped that he was snorting too much powder and that got a laugh out of the others. But it was pretty anoying hearing these idiots singing and talking about pot.
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                          EA made Burnout, no? EA has shit for servers, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, and any other damn thing they have, it sucks.


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                            Another Disk Read Error. Lost a non vital save though. I've never gotten a DRE within 2 days of owning a console before.

                            ANOTHER!! God damnit this time I lost progress! Borman are you getting these too?
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                              I'm really starting to think that the US Xbox 360's are more faulty than the PAL ones. I've never had any of these issues you are talking about.