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Tales of Vesperia and my evil but truthful plan to keep from movie gallery!!

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  • Tales of Vesperia and my evil but truthful plan to keep from movie gallery!!

    So I have Tales of Vesperia well actually I rented it from movie galllery but there's literally scratches all over the back it's dead but here's the catch I downloaded it to my HDD and it plays fine!!!! So here's what I was gunna do to keep this dead but working game. I'm gunna go to MG without the disk say that it is dead because there's scratches all over the back from I assume the other guy before me it wasn't me by the way. And then I will say that it's at my house and ask if i can get rid of it because its fucked not even Gamepowers disk cleaner system would work so do u think this will work? Any better way to do this (no just keep it crap) or any suggestions to help my plan?

    Anyways I need some boss help.

    Im in the desert 1st time and this floating thing that changes the time of day during battle which is the boss has the amount of life Jesus has himself but is so ridiculously easy to beat the living Christmas lights out of him whacks my party into the realm of heaven or I think hell for Raven only. These are the people I have in my party for battle. Yuri, Estelle, Rita, and Judith(hot dam this is my jam man she's hot as peppers!!!!!!!!!!!). Help please. I shall give u cookie if ur advice makes me knock him into springville.
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    use judith to jump and air attack the floating ball. That should keep him from switching between night and day, which means only 1/2 the HP


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      So, yeah. Admitting directly to attempt theft on the site = not good. It's the same as, if not worse as directly admitting to piracy. Please don't post that on here in future. Locked.
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