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PS3 HDD replacement mini guide.

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  • PS3 HDD replacement mini guide.

    Feel the need to swap with the biggest HDD you can get?

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    So easy.... Absolutely brilliant


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      hm...but what about overheating? I thought that was always a huge ass problem with the xbox, as the insides melted because of the heat coming from a high capacity hard drive. Or is that because of increased rpm of the replaced hard drive?


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        well, nearly all the reports have said the ps3 only gets 'warm' , no real over heating issues (besides the incident at TGS , which only really happened because the console was put in an airtight space).


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          I know, but take the original XBOX for example. If you stick a huge ass hard drive in there, most say you should put in some mean fans to ciculate the air. I'm thinking something like that could happen here too.


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            PS3 uses Laptop SATA HardDrives. I imagine a PS3 will offer better cooling than any Laptop will.


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              The cooling system in the console is monstrous to say the least, and like CS said, it's a standard 2.5" HDD that Sony actually lets you swap yourself.

              It really does need a fairly open space for proper circulation/cooling. Keep in mind that every component the PS3 has is larger than the 360's, so a more complex cooling system was needed.