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  • BioHazard File Archive Tool

    Any inquiries about versions that are dated prior to March, 01 2013 will be completely ignored.
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  • #2's the learning curve on this program?


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      Awesome work, Mark. Can't wait to try this puppy out on a working computer.


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        Thanks for the update Mark!

        I see that fix the problem in the conversion process in "file2pak", however, when using custom pak's images in game for some strange reason... crash!


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          Rgdz, MarkGrass!

          I don't use this tool in my works yet... But I know your great work and I use this tool to know a big number of possibilities with RE games.
          It's really one of best RE Romhacking tools!

          Thanks and good luck on your projects!


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            ...a new version, in the first post of this thread.


            Most previously missing functions are restored and have been fully tested; they are not listed below.

            --- Zero ---
            *.ARC - Added 1:1 repacking capability
            *.THP - Bugfix; Now includes accurate fix for 'byte-stuffing' (*.JPG); files from the Trial Edition, still, are not supported
            *.TPP - Archive file extraction, repacking

            --- Rebirth ---
            *.DAT - Archive file extraction (rewritten); files located in the 'subscr' directory are not supported
            *.EMD - Archive file extraction

            --- Bio1 ---
            *.EMW - Archive file extraction and repack support

            --- Bio2 ---
            Disassembler and assembler for all save files (*.BIOHAZARD2;*.RESIDENT2); using *.INI file type
            *.ADT - Encoder, using 320x240 16bpp *.TIM files and gamezelda's "AdtTools" (with ability to add 'mask' texture)
            *.BIN - multiple bugfixes; itemdata.bin bugs were fixed
            *.BSS - Archive file extraction and repack support
            *.MSG - Disassembler and assembler; using *.TXT file type (English and Spanish, only)

            --- Bio3 ---
            *.ARD - bugfix for incorrect file pointers
            *.BSS - Archive file extraction and repack support
            *.MSG - Dissassembler and assembler; using *.TXT file type (English and Spanish, only)
            *.RBJ - Archive file extraction and repack support

            --- Bio4 ---
            *.EVD - Archive file extraction (PS2/PC)

            --- CRI Middleware ---
            *.AFS - bugfix for incorrect file pointers

            --- Sony PSone ---
            Archive file extraction support for the following games:

            Area 51 (*.ELF)
            Brave Fencer Musashi (*.CD)
            C - The Contra Adventure (*.SGG)
            Celebrity Deathmatch (*.BOO)
            Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (*.ZAL
            Dino Crisis (*.DAT)
            Driver (*.BLK;*.LEV)
            Fatal Fury Wild Ambition (*.DAT)
            Fear Effect (*.WAD)
            Fear Effect 2 - Retro Helix (*.WAD)
            Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (*.FIL;*.SND)
            Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX (Trial Edition) (*.WAD)
            MDK (*.WAD)
            MegaMan 8 | Rock Man 8 (*.PAC)
            MegaMan X4 | Rock Man X4 (*.ARC)
            MegaMan X5 | Rock Man X5 (*.DAT)
            MegaMan X6 | Rock Man X6 (*.DAT)
            MegaMan Legends | Rock Man Neo (*.BIN) ***WIP***
            Metal Gear Solid (*.DIR)
            Overblood (*.ROM)
            Rock Man Complete Works (all) (*.PAC)
            Saga Frontier (*.ARC)
            Street Fighter EX plus Alpha (*.PAC)
            Street Fighter EX2 plus (*.PAC)
            Syphon Filter (*.FOG;*.HOG)
            Time Crisis (*.FHM;*.FHT)
            Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1, 2, 3 and 4 (*.WAD)

            --- General ---
            Added 'Credits' and some 'Help' features
            Removal of broken/outdated/in-development functions
            New c++ interfaces; very simple to add any type of development
            Window Size is now determined by configuration settings (INI\\BIOFAT.INI)

            --- Windows 7 ---
            There is now a separate build, developed for and designed on a Windows 7 PC (ala, the Win7 build).
            This build requires the .NET Framework 4 and the Visual Studio C++ 2010 redistributable.
            Oddly enough, the Windows 7 build is backwards compatible with Windows XP... I'm sure there will be bugs, please report them.
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              Another update , I did a memory dump of epsxe with the BioHazard 04-10-1995 build today at the inventory screen in an effort to try and find the used textures for the colt python and shotgun, I searched my memory dump but I only found 5 Tim's with TimViewer all of which seem to be from the current loaded .RDT, so maybe the inventory textures are headerless Tim's like the .PIX files, here's the memory dump if you want to take a look.
              What are those .TCD / .TJD room files

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                Great news!

                This Biofat collection tool is amazing!
                Downloading and testing.



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                  Thanks a lot for this tool!

                  For me crashes when tried to extract Bio1 EMD, IVM and RDT in Windows 7 64bit, IVM doesn't crash with XP Mode, but I'll try to install Visual C++ redistributable and .NET Framework also there.
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           version in the first post.

                    Aside some new functions for GameCube files, nothing new but Resource bug fixes.
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                      So what operating systems is this working on? You say it wont work on all PCs, do you know under what conditions that is? Seems a sweet piece of kit, just wish I could actually use it!
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                        @geluda - Well, there are two builds of biofat, both with the same features.

                        One was designed on and for a Windows XP pc, the other was 'ported' and compiled on a Windows 7 pc. Both versions are 32bit, but will still operate under a 64bit environment.

                        Oddly, the Windows 7 version is backwards compatible with XP, meaning that it will function on XP machines. Also, the Windows 7 version is still in it's 'test stages', so there are bugs - nothing major, just some strange Japanese (?) fonts being used instead of English. Not sure about that one...

                        Anyways, i've had some users report that the Windows 7 build works fine, while others have to run it in Compatibility Mode, set for "Windows XP w/SP3". Currently, the XP build does not work with Windows 7. Without getting too technical, the XP version relies on a function called "InitCommonControls" at startup, a function that Windows 7 seems to dislike. Additionally, biofat depends upon DirectX 9 for some functions, something Windows 7 lacks. I will eventually add support for DirectX 11.

                        That said, there aren't any plans to port this to *nix nor Mac systems. The code is very heavily Windows-based (GUI functions, in particular), though, if I cared to own a Mac, i'm sure it could easily be ported.

                        Eventually, I will release the source code.
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                          Cool, thanks! Currently I'm running Vista on this laptop and it seems it doesn't want to run. However I'm going to be getting a new desktop in the coming months and I'm taking the requirements for this app into consideration when building (I'm not buying it specifically for this, but this is something I would like to run also). Obviously, I'm going to be getting Windows 7 64 bit system as I need the extra things it offers, so it's good to hear 64 bit is supported. However if things did eventually fail, I'm thinking of buing XP and turning this laptop into an XP machine.

                          This is probably a bit of a long question lol, but what exactly can be done with your tool (you don't have to answer that in it's entirety!)? Is it resource hungry, like dependant on graphics or anything? Or is it mostly code based? If I can put X on this laptop and use your app to it's fullest that will be a nice side option.
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                            Hmmm... I suppose you've tried both versions on Vista, and in different Compatibility Modes? I skipped the whole Vista generation, so I have no way to build nor test for that OS.

                            And wow, i'm truely honored to know that someone takes this app into consideration, when buying a new PC! Just, wow.

                            What can be done with the app? Well, there's way to much to list here (see first post). Basically, for now, it will allow users modify many video games, a lot aren't even related to BH/RE. All you really need is common knowledge of hex and a good imagination (see MartinBioHazard's YouTube videos linked in the first post). Some functions don't require any knowledge of hex, as they are controlled and edited through the (very easy) use of INI files.

                            And the app really isn't resource hungry. Idle, it uses anywhere from 1 to 5 mb of memory. There are some memory issues I need to address, but i've never seen it climb over 15 mb of usage.

                            And uber graphics aren't required. This is just a nifty feature that fixes a few things (slowdown/speedup with Bio1, Bio2, etc) and enhances others, like being able to run Bio4 in true, downscaled High Defintion (see

                            There's still a lot i'm going to add, so there's plenty to look forward to. As I said in the first post, if you're really into video game modification, give it a try (when you can).
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                              Thanks! Soounds good! Yeah I'm buying the machine for video editing, and a little bit of game development, so I'm trying to cover as many avenues I'll be interested in as possible. I never really knew that hacking RE games as much as they're being hacked was even possible, but I think RE hacking could be something I could sink my teeth into and really start learning about. I've got a lot to learn, I don't really know anything about programming code, but it seems to be accessable to a lot of different experience levels so I think it'll be something I could really focus on. Just messing around with the betas, learning theie inner workings and seeing the things other people come up with makes me wish I knew more, and the tools are available for me to do so! Just need the machine to do it.