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I submit myself for review.

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  • I submit myself for review.

    My efforts to reach out privately to Carnivol has been met without response. So it is here that I address my complaint to him on the site.

    A while back I had a falling out with one of THIAs users over on skype of which I will not name. Despite what you might have heard, I am not harassing that user and have not attempted to make contact after the first day when I found out. Despite our squabble, I did not involve Enetirnel in the dispute.

    So when I found out that you removed her mod privileges from the message board I as well as others wondered why that was. I come to find that it had to do with this squabble I had with that user. Outside THIA. And with no involvement from Enetirnel.

    This I find to be unfair to her and an abuse of THIA. We may be engaged, but I never put her in the position to be biased towards me. She has in the past given me an infraction and I accepted it because I know her mod status and social status are different. I'm friends with other mods and would never ask them to do me any special favors. My fiance being no different.

    But let me be clear. I do not like writing this letter. I do not appreciate anyone being forced or involved to pick sides between me and the other user I had a conflict with.

    My conflict was outside THIA. And the words I said were no more as outlandish than any that person has said on to others I know. I wish that user well regardless, and know why I was blocked. But for you to have Enetirnel punished on my account for something done outside the forums is blasphemy. So here's what I propose to do about the situation.

    Normally I would turn away from the forums. But there's a good community here, and some of them are depending on my to fulfill my end and deliver fan made team shirts for RE6's release. I suggest you ban my account and reinstate Enetirnel as a mod once more.

    Your problem is with me and not her. And with my account gone there's no reason for anyone to claim a bias on her part as she has done a good job moderating these forums.

    If anyone still wants a T-shirt after I'm banned then I could communicate price and shipping to them through Enetirnel. I'm meeting with two more custom shirt shops in my area this week. But planning a wedding and out of state/country trips are taking up as much time from my t-shirt project.

    Will you or a mod get back to me and we can discuss it further.

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    I would also like to admit myself for review on this matter. I had a similar despute with the same member, and mine was also outside of THIA. This quarrel, like Smiley's, has nothing to do with Enetirnel in any way. I've known her for some years now, and have seen her cleanly, and fairly mod other communities. I also enjoy being on THIA, but her mod status being stripped was an unfair act in my eyes. I wish to stay neutral on the matter ultimately, but this action against her is unfair. These issues have nothing to do with her and are completly outside and unrelated to THIA. If you must ban me to reinstate Enetirnel as a mod, then I'm willing. Just don't punish her for an outside conflict that she had nothing to do with.


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      That's very thoughtful, but I do not want anyone else to be punished on my account. If Carn is upset because of a conflict I had with his friend then he should be settling it with me. If anyone has a problem with fairness and bias it is myself, and I have to voice a complaint that Enetirnel was given such unfair treatment for the wrong reasons. And my hope is that this post will see that we can sort it out so that no one is blamed for my actions outside the forum.
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        Honestly, I'd rather nobody be banned because of all of the bloody drama.

        I think this whole thing has gotten blown out of hand, considering I had already heard it all the night beforehand and I had been under the impression that the problem the user had was sorted out and wasn't in the mood to talk (or really hear it because my head was killing, from the flu I am FINALLY OVER) to the other THIA user about it again the next day and having brought up what I thought had been the decision that was settled on, I ended up being screamed at for annoyingly responding that the indecisiveness is exactly like what a friend of mine does, it drives me BLOODY CRAZY and I had thought it was entirely done and dusted the night before and what I thought was settled on should be done instead of ranting when it could be done easily enough.

        So, I did actually say so (not in the mood to go over it again or to be screamed or shouted at for what I felt was no real reason to do so, I already put up with that sort of shit at work and I'd rather be drama-free when I get home) before heading off to bed and ended up watching an anime I had picked up the DVD of earlier in the day (which was actually quite good).

        As I've already said repeatedly before and multiple times on, off the forum and to users on the forum - I'm sick and tired of all of the drama in the community, or the fanbase in general so to find out I'm quite frankly being dragged into crap ONCE AGAIN despite being utterly oblivious of it (until I asked some of the staff on here if they had heard anything) as to the matter and hadn't even gotten any sort of message beforehand either.

        So I can't quite understand how, if I haven't been in something or seen (nor did anyone else see, that I've spoken with) any harassment along the lines of what I essentially got or crap via Facebook or anything else other than Smiley, Inferno, myself and whoever else had been blocked on Skype/Steam/PSN/Probably Facebook.

        More or less. Went to bed, woke up to a shitstorm of more drama which I've repeatedly tried to avoid and have yet been dragged into. I don't think it would be fair to ban people either as I've already offered to show chatlogs or to go over what was said in the call on Skype when I was actually in the call before I went off to my room to watch anime and having checked with people that were online at the time, or people I know that are on Facebook more than I am - nobody I spoke with saw any sort of harassment going on and I've yet to be shown some actual proof of harassment and considering the reaction I had gotten before I went, so I'm more inclined to believe that it's all gotten blown out of proportion.

        Of course, it isn't exactly a matter I would really go over in public on THIA but seeing as Carn isn't online at decent times (bloody timezones) on Skype and hasn't responded to either my own or Smiley's PMs on THIA as I was under the impression Carn wanted to talk to everyone via Skype or something and it just hasn't happened. I'm not going to stay up to 3 a.m. on days I'm working on too if I have to be getting ready to head out to work within a couple of hours either, more-so if I expect more drama to go on during said discussion.

        So, not sure as to what could be done but I don't exactly want people banned for crap.
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          I've only heard one version of the events behind this whole situation, and frankly don't want to comment.

          I will say the events I've heard don't seem to involve Enetirnel , and I've not seen anything on the forums to suggest a problem, so I have no issue with her moderator rank being restored.

          Unless I learn more or am given a reason to think otherwise, that's all I have to say.


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            I'm on the same wavelength. I've not heard much from either party, nor seen any evidence either way, though from what I have heard, it didn't involve Enetirnel and she always seemed to do a good job on here, so I've no issue with her mod status being restored either; nor did I ever make any comment suggesting it be revoked in the first place.
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                Oh hey, look. Staff access once again and yet again, no sort of message.

                If you don't have want to go through tons of IM programs - it's not like you can't exactly go onto the user panel, grab either e-mail address and send a message on their either because of the timezone differences it makes it a pain in the ass to ONLY want to talk via IM.

                Plus, if you're also so busy then logically it should also be easier and quicker to shoot either of us a PM or an e-mail than trying to get everyone on Skype.

                I mean, if you had responded to either PM then this whole bit of drama would have most likely been solved already.

                Smiley had tried to do a THIA Skype Chat and had even tried to include the other user who refused to join in.

                Other people that also know this user have probably heard the same spiel and I know that some of them have already blocked both of us too, not that I'm really fussed as I tend to avoid the others either way after past drama.

                There are two sides to every story. What happened between the two is their own business. I choose to stay out of it, but Smiley says that he isn't harassing that person and hasn't attempted to make contact with them since the day he found out that person blocked him. Neither have I or Inferno as far as I'm aware since we all realized we've all been blocked after Smiley noticed it.

                So take that for what it's worth. I haven't seen any Facebook messages to believe he was harassing anyone.

                Smiley's had it rough as well - he's been depressed, still grieving and I still feel he's still in shock over the loss of his father (and I quite frankly found it extremely rude for the other person to have brought up Smiley's father to randomly try and justify something that neither of us give a damn about what he does in the first place and refused to stop it even when I tried to change the topic and have already repeatedly said not to bring up shit like that) on top of having to sort with his younger brother and all the issues that follow.

                I know he tries to keep optimistic, especially in planning the wedding (despite it being a great pain in the ass with neither of us being in the same place at the current time), but I know it it isn't easy for him.

                This is not me defending him on the message boards.

                I'm just making a point that everyone has problems they have to deal with and not everyone wants to deal with everyone else's shit too.

                When someone comes to other people to try and find solutions to their own problems, come to a solution and THEN proceed to be rude and quite frankly abusive in response for no real actual reason and considering how Smiley was trying to talk things through like I had been before I left then again - I'm more inclined to thing it's been blown out of proportion considering how that all went in the first place.

                And he didn't appreciate that I was used as a means of punishing him outside the forums. But he's still open to talk and patch things up over Skype which I think is best to clear the air. I know he'd rather that you message or call him if you have any problems.
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