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  • codes active for Halloween, REcollections site active

    Just in time for Halloween, has posted a trio of new Present Codes for Revelations players. Grab these items before they're gone!

    Battlefield leader: Dictator (Lv46, Slot 3)
    A handgun in a class of its own! Unlock with [halloween]

    Make it rain: Lead Storm (Lv31, Slot 5)
    Fires a solid wall of bullets. Unlock with [trick]

    Aim? Who needs to aim? Windham (Lv10, Slot 5)
    Great for stopping faster enemies. Unlock with [or]

    Autonomous raiding: Ammo Magnet IV
    A mysterious part that increases ammo drops. Unlock with [treat].

    Crush the weak but help the strong? Green Belt III
    Because even minions can be annoying. Unlock with [sweets]
    Capcom also launched an official "REcollections" site, which showcase the timeline of the series.

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    I really need to get back into REvelations maybe these new toys will convince me to give it another go . . . thanks for letting me know.