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  • Revelations 2 Site Update

    There is an update on the official RE Revelations 2 site, which includes a brand new trailer than contain possible spoilers.

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    So, something definitely happened to Polly. The 'Look, we're like sisters..." comment was too obvious. I always pictured Moira as the younger sister, but it's really looking like it's the other way around which is a little disappointing to my head canon...ah well. My current theory was that she found Barry's gun and shot herself playing with it...but that's probably not exciting enough for Resident Evil

    As for our first 'look' at our villain. She appears to have a connection to Wesker from the photograph of him that appears (is that even Albert?) Her matching blond hair leads to me to assume Alex, regardless of what has been revealed about his gender. Then again,there's also the fact that we never actually got to see her face (which could mean many things) but it also makes me wonder if its a familiar one.