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New CG Resident Evil Movie Announced

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  • New CG Resident Evil Movie Announced

    Capcom just announced that a CG feature film is in production, and will be released in 2017.

    Executive Producer - Takashi Shimizu
    Director - Takanori Tsujimoto
    Music - Kenji Kawai
    Writer - Fukami Makoto

    Capcom's Hiroyuki Kobayashi will provide the supervising.

    Chris, Leon and Rebecca will appear.
    CG animation studio MARZA will provide the animation CG works.
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    I wonder if Capcom at this point thinks a movie without Leon won't sell. Great news anyway, I liked previous movies and having Rebecca back is awesome. I read in other places this is a reboot, I wonder what kind of reboot because is not applied to the characters.
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      It seems it is a background development reboot (movie tone, the cg company behind this movie etc) rather than a plot reboot. It'll be a brand new adventure and will be more of a horror movie than an action bioterrorism themed movie (like the first 2 movies)
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        Great news ! I'm happy with the cast aswell.

        Man, Chris is everywhere.


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          I lost hope for the live action series, but this is good news.


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            Hooray for Rebecca getting love, but for fuck's sake, Chris and Leon are oversaturating the series lately. You'd think the series only has two main characters, not four. Hell, five even if you count Ada.
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              Very cool news. I wonder if the plot will have any relation to the recent stage show?
              Welcome back to the franchise, Rebecca. It took you a while.

              EDIT: I'm actually really pumped for Chris and Rebecca reunion.
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                The name of Kenji Kawai reassures me quite a lot, the music has been rather discreet, even unaudible as far as CG movies and the lastest games are concerned


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                  It sounds interesting for sure. I like that they're going to steer the CG movies toward a horror focus rather than the direction the series has been going for the past decade. The two we have now, while not really something that I thought were exceptional or even great they were much more enjoyable than the live action films. They were much closer to a true Resident Evil experience than any of Anderson's creations have offered.

                  I just wish that instead of CG they were animated. I've always loved the Resident Evil artwork.
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                    at least its CG and not one of those retarded live action ones