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Biohazard 20th anniversary

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  • Biohazard 20th anniversary

    20 years ago today Biohazard was released for the Playstation in Japan.

    There is a Japanese site showing a history of the series, as well as upcoming merchandise and events to celebrate.

    Happy birthday Biohazard!!

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    It's been that long! I'm starting to feel old.


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      Happy birthday, Biohazard. Just finished up playing as Chris on the Directors Cut to 'celebrate'.

      Crazy that within a few years, we'll be hitting the twentieth anniversaries for the others too...


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        Ah my favorite game series turns 20, that is a loooong time and I still play the 1996 original, I can only congratulate Capcom for creating the best Survival Horror game series!.

        I took some time of work today, bought a few burgers a couple of beers and some other stuff and made sure that everybody knew I was busy, all this just so I could play a bunch of BH games I even tried out my RPD uniform and Desert Eagle.

        EDIT: I am a little disappointed that nothing was said or shown about the upcoming BH2 Remake, oh well I guess we will have to wait for E3 or something.
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          A twenty years series treated like a generic franchise.