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Biohazard Umbrella Corps releasing June 23rd 2016.

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  • Biohazard Umbrella Corps releasing June 23rd 2016.

    The Biohazard Umbrella Corps website has been updated, which reveals the Japanese release date of the game to be 23rd June 2016.
    There will be a E-Capcom exclusive package available in Japan.
    There is also information on the AI enemies and stages.

    There's also a new trailer which shows the in-depth customization options which will be available in game:
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    All I can say is ... oh dear - oh dear! THIS trash is what Capcom are celebrating REs 20th Anniversary with (along with RE6)
    Thanks Capcom..

    I swear if RE2 Remake isn't classic and it better now have RE4 style Ada with her Bond gadgets - I'm gonna boycott the series.
    Very sad, because I have always been a fan since RE1 when I was 6 years old in 1996..
    "I never thought any of this stuff my brother taught me would work!"


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      They should postpone three times like they did with RE4.