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    I've also updated the Wildstorm Trading Card Feature with some pictures of the box, cards, and wrappers. Its a minor update but It was something the feature was missing.

    Next-Gen has a new interview with Capcom USA marketing VP Charles Bellfield. It goes over a whole range of topics, from the Clover Studios dissolution to Devil May Cry 4. He also confirms that Mikami is still attatched to Capcom since his "leaving" the company last year.

    Let me start with Mikami. Mikami-san remains and is retained as a contracted producer of Capcom. So he’s actually still part of the company. He’s a contracted producer which is a pretty standard crossover there. And he’s actually doing most of [the development in Japan].

    Inaba-san and Kam—Kamiya—they have both left the company. So they’re no longer affiliated with Capcom, and to be very honest with you I actually don’t know what they’re doing next, but they are no longer with Capcom.
    So despite what you may hear at other websites, Mikami is still with the company since signing a new contract in November of 2005. As unlike other websites we actually read the articles and present what they tell you, not the complete opposite.

    He also clarifies Mikami's position and lets us know Mikami is currently working on a project!:

    I know what he’s working on but I can’t tell you that one because we haven’t said anything yet. But it’s a contracted basis. There are two ways to do a contract and I actually don’t know which one it is, to be perfectly honest, but there are two ways. A contracted basis is either for a period of time and renewable, so maybe a two-year contract, a five-year contract, it might be a one-year contract, I don’t know. Or it might be for a title contract, as if we … were contracting with an external developer in many ways. But in this case he is contracted as an internal producer within Capcom. But as you know he’s contracted as an employee, per se, and not as part of an external development studio.
    Its a pretty lengthy read, so head on over to Next-Gen now!
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    So Devil May Cry is coming to Xbox 360?

    No, I was just saying, I mean, [RE5 is] a good indicative example of where we’re going in the future because RE5 is [coming] after DMC4. And we have announced that.
    Not clear enough !


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      I'm willing to bet a 360 version of DMC4 too. =P


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        Yeah, those "other" websites are rather... well, run by monkeys :p

        As for DMC4, what's not clear enough there? It's a no, oddly worded like the rest of his answers. Which in turn prompted another question.

        Well certainly you will see us support multiple platforms. Resident Evil 5, for example, that’s on 360 and PS3. And I think that’s a good example of the future direction of where the company is going because we’re further along with our time line now for DMC4.
        Their fiscal report does mention the move to multiplatforming in the future, and DMC4 has been clarified as an exclusive at least three time, even on the TGS show floor. In the Famitsu feature, the GI one, and on the show floor when they demonstrated the fire demon boss fight.

        Of course, this is Capcom, so unless the respective manufacturers "sealed" exclusivity, it's a free game. Even Takeuchi commented on Lost Planet being "exclusive for now" (paraphrasing).
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          Biohazard Incubate DVD is coming in tommorow, so Ill probably have a rip up then of the dvd and then a feature to follow in a day or so. Also Im working on an NECA Figure one, which should be up sometime this week as well. So look forward to it!