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  • RPD Dispatch Situation Update

    Since we've been getting a few people asking what has been happening to the podcast, I'll lay it out here so that there is no confusion.

    For the time being, the podcast is on an indefinite hold. Several things have occurred which leaves core members of the podcast unable to attend any recordings.

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    I think we may have lost Mr. Spencer permanently. He recently had several terrible tragedies befall him recently and hasn't been online for several weeks now. I hope its not the case, but he seems to have no interest in participating in the community anymore.

    The question I should be asking is does anyone here even want us to return? This isn't some cry for attention, but I'm curious if there is a genuine interest for the podcast to return. Since it takes so long to edit and create, I need to know if its worth-while to continue forward at this point. Please be honest, we won't get mad or upset at your responses.
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      I've listened to a a couple and I'm still getting to what's left. I personally love them and would want them to continue. I hate to hear that someone has had a personal tragedy, and I wish Mr. Spencer the best and hope he can return.


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        I second this; I really love the podcast and would like for it to continue as well. As for Mr. Spencer, if anyone can contact him, tell him we're thinking of him!


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          I've been a listener since the first episode, and have loved it since. While it certainly does suck to hear that Mr. Spencer has come into some rather rough times, and it will suck not having him on the podcast, I personally would be thrilled if you guys were to start recording episodes again. You guys are genuinely funny, informative, and insightful into not only the Resident Evil series, but with the diverse cast you have, many other video game series' as well, even outside of the realm of survival horror. As always, there are other, more important things to worry about, and as this is something you guys do in your spare time as a hobby of sorts, it would be wrong to expect you guys to churn out episode after epidode, so take your time, and do what needs to be done, and if that should preclude new RPD Dispatch episodes, no one can (rightly) fault any of you guys.


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            I think the community here would love more pod casts to come along. I think it's worth the effort to start it all again because already you can see people above here enjoy listening to them, it's one of those times where you can listen to something you're a fan off and kill some time. Do it


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              If the editing and such takes a lot of time Dot, i'm sure we wouldn't mind it even if you guys just dump the raw file for us to listen to. The podcasts were a great addition to the site, I can understand if the lack of matter to discuss on it may be off putting, but in the end it's really up to you guys.


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                Well, from one perspective the podcasts are the reason I'm posting on this forum. I think they're funny, memorable, and enjoyable and they allow me to either flex or question my ego in terms of sentiments regarding the games

                Oh no. I had missed Mr. Spencer for the last few weeks, and this was horrible news. My blessings go to John.


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                  Originally posted by A-J View Post
                  If the editing and such takes a lot of time Dot, i'm sure we wouldn't mind it even if you guys just dump the raw file for us to listen to. The podcasts were a great addition to the site, I can understand if the lack of matter to discuss on it may be off putting, but in the end it's really up to you guys.

                  Trust me. There are things said (and done) during those recording sessions that could even make the kindest and most tender of souls out there condemn us to burn in hell for all of eternity

                  I forgot which episode it was, but Dot50Cal wanted to do an "unedited" recording... He left the discussion for a couple of minutes (bathroom break or something) and when he came back... I think all of us could just hear him break down infront of his computer as he went "Ah fuck! I can't believe you've done this! Now I'll have to edit this when we're done!"

                  The recording sessions are great fun on our end. Problem is getting the group "assembled." Time zones are tricky li'l things, so is personal life business stuff when it comes to getting certain things done on a schedule too. Editing can of course be a bit of a royal pain too (what to keep, what to throw). I personally wish we could trim the recordings even further down, as I think a 45-90 min length would be the "soft spot." 2-3 hours worth of stuff can be fun, and I'm sure a lot of people appreciate every single minute of it, but I think it might be a bit hard for some to find 3 hours of their time to listen to it all. At least I tend to like to listen to podcasts in "one go," with as few pauses as possible.

                  And, oh, one thing I kinda hope we'll get to show you somewhere down the line, what with Dot50Cal doing the live stream thing, videos and stuff... Actually, I'll let you guys do the math on where that might evt. one day go ;)


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                    Firstly, if he does happen to read, all the best to Mr Spencer, whatever has happened we all hope you bounce back.

                    On the topic of the podcast...

                    I have them all, just have never listened to them all. My problem has always been the length of them, i often thought that podcasts could've chopped down into 15 minute releases each week, would at least spread the workload out over a period of time rather than one heavy session of editing. Perhaps this could be something that makes things easier for the future?


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                      I talked to John for a few minutes yesterday when he signed into MSN. It doesn't seem like he's interested in coming back. :c I just hope everything works out for him in the end.

                      But as for the podcasts, I for one greatly enjoyed them. I found them really entertaining and informative, not to mention, it's awesome to listen to them when I'm on the go :3


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                        I liked the podcasts. Great listen.

                        Now that you all mentioned it, I just noticed Mr. Spencer's absence. Feels... strange. I remember, a few months ago, he was everywhere. Now, he's, like... gone.


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                          Read the thread will you.


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                            I always loved Mr. Spencer's humour, if he never come back that'd be a sad loss in the community =/. I hope he's OK, my best wishes for you mate!

                            Now, about the podcats, I enjoyed every second of them. I'm still missing the last two or so, but I'd loved to hear more. If the problem is the tempo between one and another, you could make them each month or two. They doesn't need to be published so fast. Besides, there's no hurry, sometimes there's a lot of news, and sometimes not, you can summarize them in one podcast.
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                              Originally posted by Big Stu View Post
                              Read the thread will you.

                              And I'd like it if you guys returned. I'd miss Mr. Spencer but the rest of you guys were great fun to listen to as well. I'm sure it be just as good as ever if you continued.
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