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The NOT the RPD Dispatch revival thread

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  • Okay! Promised news.

    Basically, we've recorded a pile of stuff. Most of it can't be used, some of it can be salvaged and so forth ...

    As soon as we have a proper direction for things, we'll be filling in the blanks with these things. We really do need a new "host" though, but we feel that we can only talk so much RE before we want to kill ourselves.

    Anyway! With the RE6 demo out next week, we'll be trying to do some stuff related to that. Sometime during the week, we'll try to do some live streaming of the demo with some cast members onboard to chat it up as we go about playing it ... replaying it ... turning it inside out ... looking at furniture ... etc.


    • The demo is out tomorrow actually.


      • Yes. But it was kinda sorta somewhat Sunday when I posted that and Monday is the first time of the week for me, so ... yeah, I know ;D

        Too bad this week is not one of those weeks where I've got Tuesday off, though.