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  • I'm Bored Thread

    Got bored and found this...

    And I thought I had too much time on my hands...
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    I'm a blackstar.

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    I too am bored. Been bored for about the last two or so hours. But getting to go home in a few minutes (yeah, I'm in work doing NOTHING ).

    Worse still, I think the gearbox on my car has decided to die on me.

    But at least I have Volume 4 of Preacher to read through when I get home.

    And a new Brodeo is out today


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      I am also bored, its nearly 7am, can't unpack or sort out my room till my brother gets back, need his car to move stuff.
      Read all my usual comics for the week, got 99% on Missions on Crisis Core with exception to the final mission.
      And its bloody cold.


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        well my easter holidays are soon coming to an end, i've been bored but i'm not looking forward to college one bit
        My wii is at my girlfriends house so no mario galaxy, Kororinpa or U.C


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          Dude, FF7 Crisis Core? I want to get that. Pity it's not out in Australia yet.


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            In my honest opinion, Final Fantasy died after 10.


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              Originally posted by Gradon View Post
              In my honest opinion, Final Fantasy died after 10.
              Same here...

              I hope 13 proves me wrong though. It looks promising.


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                I am bored too,i need to wait until may to finally get my ps3,and now my ps2 dont play ps1 games.

                Originally posted by Gradon View Post
                In my honest opinion, Final Fantasy died after 10.
                final fantasy 12 is not that bad,but final fantasy X,X-2 suck,Dark bahamut is very easy even tought it give alot more trouble than Penance.


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                  1-9 aren't bad, but after that they suck (not so if they have something to do with 1-9, like Crisis Core or Before Crisis)
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                    I quite enjoy XII, but I hate the fact that every time you head to a a new area it means six hours of training to be strong enough to kill the enemies. I'm about a third of the game and I've already speant more time on it than I did on 7 and 8.


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                      FFXII is just too boring for me, that coming from me, who played FFXI, a lot.

                      And Crisis Core is a good time ;)


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                        I loved Tactics so I really liked XII, dunno why people give it a bad rap.

                        Playing Crisis Core right now on hard mode, not finished it, at the final dungeon at the final savepoint but I want to beat minerva first, she keeps cheating, i've tried fighting her with SP Barrier and 20.000.000SP but its still no use she always wins.


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                          hey guys,who fight/beat Penance from fnal fantasy X???
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                            Yup, did that.

                            Just beat Minerva, pretty easy in the end but I overprepared, went into the fight with


                            255 ATK
                            255 MAG
                            255 VIT
                            186 SPR
                            255 LCK

                            Used SP Barrier Materia so any damage taken would be deducted from my SP total instead of my HP, had 99x Phoenix Downs in case she tried using Judgement Arrow to remove my status effects *Raise, Barrier, M Barrier and Endure*.

                            Took 20mins in the end with a 5min break.

                            Got Divine Slayer and Heike Soul now.


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                              Me too.
                              Finally playing 1.5. Woo-Hoo!!!