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Do we have souls?

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    Originally posted by CiarenDevlin View Post
    Spiritually? No.

    Generally? No.

    There is a large number of people on this planet that, for all intents and purposes, are a waste of oxygen and resources. Nobody's perfect, but some people are just... wow. Organized religion is an absolute con and should've been eradicated but people are fucking stupid and took Martin Luther the wrong way and decided to skull fuck his valiant concepts and bastardize it into the very thing it sought to correct. We are stupidly territorial despite our advances and we hate each other for the slightest of differences, and will by all means seek to defend our trivial beliefs for the sheer sake of it while exercising our ability to slaughter each other. We're barely out of the jungle. We have increasingly twisted thoughts about everything around us and we always seek to consume and destroy no matter the harm it's doing to anything else. If it benefits us, it's a good fucking idea. We have prehistoric and mind numbing conceptions of higher powers because we need to justify our actions, when the truth is we're all just fucking insane. We're still operating primarily out of the reptilian brain. We aren't civilised in the slightest, and anyone that tries to tell or act otherwise is just another one of those two-bit fucks we're overpopulated with, self-centered and relentless.

    I mean we fuck our own cousins and have been doing so since the beginning of time. We stay in enclosed circles and continue fucking our own relatives, producing more defective off-spring that go on to do the same, producing even more defective off-spring and polluting our DNA, restricting the capabilities of our children and setting our own evolution back in a single generation by about 1000 years. Even when presented with that which could lead us into a prosperous age, we enslave them, beat them, murder them and use them for our own sake. Typical human nature that would've been eradicated long ago if we weren't so retarded. Most diseases and mutations these days shouldn't exist. We've created them ourselves.

    Get to some interracial fucking and correct this mess.

    In short; if the human race were to end, nothing of value would be lost.
    WOW this is actually depressing and sad.


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      Epistemologically speaking (at least in a Aristotelian manner, Satre could be debated), the soul and one's consciousness are one in the same. To coin them as separate terms is to create a misnomer when for all intents and purposes they serve the same metaphysical goal. What is your soul? It is what makes you human. What makes you human? Your ability to rationalize -- not self awareness, which is exibited by animals such as dolphins, elephants, and magpies. One's rationality is one's ability to interpret the world they perceive in a manner that is not obvious. This includes arithmetic, philosophizing, scientific inquiry, compassion, and moral behavior. Activities like killing and making out with your girlfriend would be on the opposite side of this spectrum, but that doesn't make you soulless; just a person with mitigated rationality. Aristotle wrote that rationality is grown, like a muscle, with use and diminishes when ignored and this thread makes it very clear who has been growing their rationality and who hasn't.

      However, if anyone is feeling rather cynical about human consciousness and reality just read up on David Hume. He will show you how to prove that no one exists including yourself. A pretty smart guy, quite the joker.


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        i acctualy have excellent rationality at times.
        and yes ciarendevlin's post is verry depressing and sad.


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          I see my post wasn't clearly jest enough. XD
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            well either way this thread is depressing.


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              Originally posted by adamb1029 View Post
              oh and for the record,i wouldint do any of those things for real..well the making out parts i would of course
              if i wanted to do that stuff..THATS WHAT GAMES ARE FOR!

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              See you in hell.


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                Originally posted by adamb1029 View Post
                (like tortureing bugs <.<)
                i always like to place ants on ice cubes for 10 minutes then burn them with a match , good times .


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                  Originally posted by Alexia_Ashford View Post
                  Yeah, the definition of evil can change too. Spartans murdered babies, Romans executed Christians and threw criminals into the Colosseum to be ripped apart by lions and the Roman people enjoyed bloody violence and death, in Medieval England we burned and boiled people alive.

                  Nowadays a lot of things could be classed as evil. Oh, how we so love our precious self-righteousness.. *Wonders why there isn't a Wesker sunglasses emote*
                  Well, the Spartans are pretty much assholes who murdered everyone. But the Romans never really went out of there way to kill Christians, but rather traitors to the empire who happened to be Christians. And they never bothered with the whole Lion thing as far as people can tell. Oh, they did enjoy lots of people dying in creative ways. But they never apparently fed Christians to lions. Maybe it made the lions ill.

                  Of course, evil is a difficult one. Sometimes people honestly seem to think what they're doing is good. Suicide bombers are one example. Not only do they believe that they're fighting for God, but God will reward them with paradise. I think they're morons. You wanna show people the power of God? You want to show people real sacrafice? Then devote your life to Him, one day at a time. Show people the truth of your believes and convictions. Don't go, 'I know, I'll slap some C-4 on my chest, blow up a bus filled with women and kids and and probably many of my own people and God will love me!'


                  It seems like culture has something to do with what people consider to be good and evil. What you're told is evil from a young age will be evil for you. It's hard to say, therefore, what exactly is evil. I think there are a few things most people will agree are evil, but even there I can think of examples where there are different opinions.

                  Maybe evil is doing something you know to be wrong. Maybe evil is making another person suffer. I know what my opinion of evil is, and I know folks who disagree with me. Meh.

                  Souls are something else. How does evil affect a soul? I don't know. Maybe evil is something that only happens down here, on Earth. Maybe the soul affects a person, those people who try to fight urges and know they're wrong but don't always succed. Or maybe the actions we perform stain a soul. It's difficult to say.

                  Saying evil actions denies the soul is like saying evil actions deny the possibility of good actions, and that clearly isn't the case.


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                    Originally posted by ThWorldGreatest View Post
                    i always like to place ants on ice cubes for 10 minutes then burn them with a match , good times .
                    i prefer bugs that can fight back,like spiders and scorpions.
                    in all honestity i didnt expect this to have four pages..ever..
                    oh and my rational and beleif system lead me to beleive that the United States of America is infact the Empire of North America in disguise(just saying.)


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                      Originally posted by Mr. Spencer View Post

                      This is the best part from the whole movie if you ask me.
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                        i believe in the soul and spirit. and there is no reason for me to doubt it's existence.

                        Originally posted by Carnivol View Post
                        It is a proven scientific fact that people with red hair and freckles don't have what the rest of us like to identify as a soul.
                        red hair is the best.

                        Originally posted by aris13 View Post
                        This is the best part from the whole movie if you ask me.
                        the whole movie was epic, but that part was one of the best parts.


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                          red hair is the best.
                          Not with freckles.
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                            If we do, they belong to Capcom
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