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    my games!


    • Hi everyone, I'm new here. Though I've lurked for a while, and read this whole thread (took forever to catch up). Everyone has amazing collections!

      My collection is quite small, I started late (even though I played RE when it first came out), and I'm a single mom so that limits my spending. My boys have mini collections of their own so its sort of a fun family affair. My youngest loves William Birkin, he has 3 of the Birkin figures including the palisades G4 (way cool!) and he has dressed up as him (pre-G virus) for Halloween. My oldest is a Leon fan-boy (lol) and his favorite item which I just gave him for his b-day is the standard model samurai edge by Tokoyo Marai.

      As for mine, like I said its small and random, but my items are carefully chosen and meaningful to me. But I've recently became interested in focusing on collecting the zippo lighters which I know isn't an easy task, especially since I only have 1 zippo, 1 'fake' zippo, and one new zippo on the way. TheSelfishGene I am so jealous of your zippos! But anyways, heres what I have so far:

      Hot Toys:
      Jill BSAA
      Jill BS
      Chris STARS
      Leon RPD (Custom build)

      HCG Licker Diorama #4/750 (searched for this guy for a year, finally got him and love it! My fav BOW)

      Leon 'Skull' w/figure in box
      RE 5 zippo-like lighter
      (on the way) Chris BSAA zippo (the new green one, love it!)

      2 RE Revelations 3DS cases
      Green Herb mug w/tea
      Green Herb T-shirt
      STARS guitar pick necklace
      RE4 small gun replica (blacktail)

      TOTALLY Random!!:
      I have a green herb tattoo
      My dog (who is a black pug) is named Ada ;) (My youngest likes to yell at her 'Ada, Wait!!')

      RE1 long box and directors cut
      RE2 for PS1 and GC
      RE3 for PS1
      RE4 for Wii and GC, Premium edition and Limited GS steelbooks w/art cels
      CV for PS2 and GC
      RE5 for PS3 Gold edition and limited steelbook
      RE Revelations for PS3 (sealed)
      RE ORC PS3 limited edition steelbook w/patches
      Darkside and Umbrella Chronicles for the Wii
      RE6 Anthology
      Movie- Degeneration steelbook edition blu-ray
      DS Deadly Silence (sealed)
      3DS Mercenaries (sealed)
      3DS Revelaitons (mis-spelled, and sealed)
      Soundtrack 10th Anniversary CD

      All the games listed are the ones 'in collection' which I do not play with, with the exception of the GC and new RE6 because I haven't gotten dups of them yet. My collecting started when I began buying duplicate copies of my games so I would always have a copy to play if something 'bad' happened to my copy. I have DL copies of all in my PS3 (had to get the new HD versions of RE4 and CV, just wish they came out w/hard copies). I am trying to increase the number of sealed copies that I have and I'm going to start getting some of the less cannon versions such as Dead Aim and the Outbreak files. I'm just really picky about my copies having everything intact ;) I am also planning on trying to obtain every cover of Revelations, because I really loved that game. I did have the limited edition soundtrack for that game, but it was pricey and soundtracks don't really blow my skirt up so I decided to sell it so I could add something a little more meaningful to the collection.
      I might make a video of my collection when my new zippo lighter arrives (coming from China, so will take forever!!) If anyone has any resources for finding the older zippos other than ebay please let me know!


      • Finished RE2/DSC Ada Wong:


        • Thats quite a collection biohazardfan! Sorry to hear you're selling


          • Got my new BSAA lighter from RE6 about a week ago and finally got some pics so thought I'd share. Released in a set of three but I found this one solo, and I wasn't as interested in the other two. Maybe someday I'll pick them up, but there are others lighters much higher on my 'to find' list. This is Chris' version and I really like it. The back also has the cross hatching pattern and also says 'Saving the world, one B.O.W. at a time"

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            • So my Made in Heaven A-2 finally arrived.

              A little bit about this piece...

              This jacket was made by The Real McCoys, a Japanese company who make 1:1 reproductions of vintage apparel. Here's a good article about the kind of work that they do.

              30 of these jackets were produced in 1997-1998; and sold to promote the release of Biohazard 2 (January 1998). Not only is this one of the oldest pieces of Biohazard merchandise, it's also one of the most limited and most expensive. It was originally sold for 235,000yen (Approximately $2,300 USD at today's exchange rates). Another 10 of these Jackets were made in 2001 for the 5th anniversary of Biohazard, meaning that there are 40 in total.
              It's made of mustang (horse) leather. The artwork on the back has been hand painted onto each piece.

              I do not know how many of each size were produced. This is a size 36 (small), from the 1997 production run.

              The jacket doesn't fit me, and as far as I can it tell hasn't been worn (the leather is still very stiff). My girlfriend is the one who has modeled it for these shots.
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              For who don't know or remember, it's a replica of Chris's alternate costume in the original Biohazard. The jacket can also be seen hanging in the STARS office of the RPD in Biohazard 2 and 3.
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                • My Collection!!!

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                    Here's my current collection. Most of them I've bought from used game stores over the past 10 months or so. I'm planning on getting Dead Aim soon, but I don't know if it's good or not yet. I was planning on getting Survivor but it was the most expensive I've seen. Is $30 worth it for a used copy of Resident Evil Survivor? I also saw a CODE: Veronica X guidebook that I might pick up.

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                    And here's my most recent addition, Resident Evil DS.


                    • I always say things are worth what you are willing to pay ;) Right now there is a RE: Survivor used on ebay complete for $14.99 BIN, and there are several around that price point.

                      Love the DS version Its up on amazon brand new for around $20 right now, I went ahead and got one because I wanted a sealed copy.

                      I added an item to my collection, not happy with the photos so will wait till the suns out again for pics. Its a stamp collection for Revelations. Got it on ebay from Thailand for $6, it has 4 stamps (Jill, Chris, Parker, Jessica) and is in Thai bahts. Has official Capcom licensing on it, just thought it was neat, cheap, and I love anything Revelations I checked since I got it and theres 2 more on ebay, price went up to $17 though.
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                      • Just picked up these babies

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                        • I have REmake:GC RE2:N64 RE3:GC RECVX:XBL RE4:XBL RE5:XBL RE6:XBOX360 and Revelations:XBOX360 all though RE2 doesnt seem to work but I was fortunate enough to beat all scenarios.


                          • I've got several new additions to my collection, but I'm waiting for all of them to arrive before posting them. I've been wanting to do a video of my collection for a while now, but I keep putting it off. Usually because I have an item in transit, and maybe because I feel like I don't have enough to do a video for. Whatevs.

                            I've found it quite the challenge to build up my zippo collection. For about 3 months it was the same 9 items on ebay, none of them I really wanted or the price was more than I was willing to pay. So for the time being I've shifted my focus to the DS games and Revelations, I'm trying to get sealed copies of all covers. Some might think the DS is a lame console to focus on, but its rather sentimental to me, and I like that they don't take up a lot of space. And sealed copies of Revelations are pretty easy to find right now for a decent price if you're patient. I like my collecting to have some sort of a focus ;) Still keeping my eyes out for the zippos at the top of my list in the meantime.


                            • Sigh......

                              Sucks when you order a sealed new copy of a game for your collection and it arrives perfectly sealed.....with the disk loose....


                              • Originally posted by twistedyogi View Post

                                Sucks when you order a sealed new copy of a game for your collection and it arrives perfectly sealed.....with the disk loose....
                                Gahh! Its heart breaking when that happens!