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  • Very quick, very rough translation of Mike D. Seaman (lol) explaining his plan in Heavenly Island. Some minor lines are missing since it's impossible to read some of the text with the scans I have.

    MIKE: In 1998, the American Midwestern Raccoon City was wiped out by a missile attack in the Sterilization Operation... The government kept a tight lid on it. Officially... they claimed it was to suppress the spread of a virus. But the truth is different... Biological weapons with combat abilities strengthened by the virus were being studied... This was erased for the sake of the secret. The bioweapons are called Bio Organic Weapons. This guy is their kin...!! And now he will rampage just as I desire...
    INEZ: You can't control it...!!
    MIKE: I can. I've obtained a controllable cord. I kept it well hidden between TerraSave or the BSAA.
    MIKE: The security's gone. The cord's perfect. This guy...
    INEZ: Who are you!?
    MIKE: My program producer title is a forgery... But you could say my work is like that of a producer, in a sense... Hahaha... I will publicize the bioweapon's revival as a bloody incident all over the world!! To that end I lured a film crew onto this island!! The film crew will be eradicated... However, much shot footage will remain. Those pitiful stars dying will be news worthy enough. And dictators and terrorists looking in search of cheap weapons will notice it. "Bioweapons" will flourish...
    INEZ: You're fucked up...
    MIKE: I am fucked up... I'm an agent with a "host" who'll pay me a hefty sum for this. You'll have the small honor of being its first prey.
    ACTRESS: Wha... what?
    MIKE: Feeble performance is also a matter of great concern, it's your duty to secretly support me.
    ACTRESS: So, what do you want me to pass on?
    MIKE: The island has regained "purpose" and the "project" has resumed.


    • So I finally got the Japanese text for Yoko Suzuki's special ad-lib in End of the Road where she details her past. It's quite different from the English, which is mistranslated and misleading by implying that the t-Virus only exists because of Yoko's use as a test subject just two years before the game.

      Project Umbrella Translation

      I was also involved in development of "T".
      I was ... a research subject.
      I was essential to completing "T"...
      A kind of mother... a donor of "base cells."
      That was my role I was told at the time...
      My memory was controlled too.
      Greg... he was a man of science.
      Playing around with memories... sealing secrets.
      Yes... I... I...
      I know... everything...!

      Official Japanese Transcript

      一種の母体・・・「ベース ยท セル」のドナー

      Official English Translation

      I was involved in the T research.
      In fact... I actually...
      I donated base cells...
      They were used to create T.
      When I found out about that...
      That guy in charge of memory...
      Greg... He operated on me.
      My memories were tampered with.
      I... I should have known all along.
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      PROJECT Umbrella - The BIOHAZARD/RESIDENT EVIL Compendium


      • From UC's official website concerning the Majini:

        Majini is Swahili for "spirit" and refers to Plaga infected individuals in the Kijuju Autonomous Zone. Following the past incident, Plagas that escaped extermination existed and parasitized many villagers. The Majini appearing in this game are lacking in the Majini characteristics described in "5", social nature and retaining intelligence, but their aggressiveness toward intruders remains the same and their threat remains unchanged.
        PROJECT Umbrella - The BIOHAZARD/RESIDENT EVIL Compendium