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RE5 Director's Cut TGS Gameplay Demo and Trailer Leaked

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  • Originally posted by GuardhouseMusic View Post
    Jill: Kinda takes you back
    Chris: To Raccoon City? Unfortunately yeah... ??? (can't make out the rest)
    "Unfortunately, yeah...that's where all this started."


    • Ok, something a little random i'd like to say. I was reading an old March 09 issue of Playstation the official magazine, and when I was reading the RE time line article, ( any one else check that out? ) I noticed the first picture in the time line, being the spencer estate, looked like something I just saw, which was the RE 5 alternate edition cam trailer. So i watched it again with the magazine in hand, and to my eye they look almost exactly the same.

      Hmmmm... interesting.

      Nothing big, just thought i'd throw that out there.

      I for one am really excited about the new scenario, it looks RE old school. And I am ok with that. If by chance they throw in a couple zombies (hopefully, I don't care about a good reason why, I'd give anything to blast some old school zombies in RE again, as someone already said, can't remember who, sorry) I would soil myself. From excitement, of course.


      • If this game is anything like RE 4 Wii edition then it will be awesone its just a shame this was not ready when they were making the game. Don't know if I want to buy another version of the game just for the extra content but probably will since I have in the past.