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  • Nice to see you all!

    ChrisRedfield29, I've been seeing you post all around the boards as of late. Looks like your fitting in just fine

    Razor, nice to see some people who still remember Biohazard Extreme


    • hello and welcome newcomers


      • Originally posted by Dot50Cal View Post
        Nice to see you all!
        Razor, nice to see some people who still remember Biohazard Extreme
        Yep I even still have my sig picture that Rammy made for me.


        • Originally posted by Valentine View Post
          Hi fellow RE fanatics.

          I used to lurk in rehorror back in the day, but haven't been to a RE forum for awhile. And LOL, I haven't played an RE game in over 6 months, because I simply don't have alot of time for gaming anymore.

          Aside from that, I love all things Jill Valentine, even the Jill who appeared in the crapfest known as RE: Apocalypse.
          And I don't even own a system to enjoy playing the upcoming RE5
          Hi Valentine.

          My name is HecRPD.
          Im a member of BioHaze,Former member of Resident Evil Fan:A New Blood,and REHorror.

          Im the Administrator of My newly formed Resident Evil Community Site called Resident Evil Legacy

          My URL is:

          some pages are still under construction.but still I have some cool stuff and also future stuff on it's way.
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          • Hello,
            I'm new to this forum but a long time Resident Evil fan. I've contributed media to older Resident Evil sites like Biohazard Extreme and Resident Evil fan as "Hellraiser". These days I manage a Shenmue fansite called Shenmue Dojo. I'm quite busy with my own site but I just might record some new RE videos since I'm feeling nostalgic. (Thanks to RE5)

            My youtube channel
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            • ^^^Hellraiser I think I remember you.


              • Welcome HecRPD and Ziming!


                • Oops! Is it too late to introduce myself? Sorry for the late intro:
                  I am or was...
                  beasley23803 of Rehorror, REFAN & The-Horror
                  Rarrgh of Neoseeker
                  News_Updater of GameFaqs
                  NotsoNew...of Capcom-Unity
                  And a whole lot of users on other RE sites..
                  This is my favorite series and I appreciate the work put into every RE Game, thats why I am a fan of every game no matter how crappy some people think some of them to be!


                  • Welcome new comers!

                    You guys may of been wondering where I've been latley - My comp got damaged by a virus of some sort, so I decided it's time to get a new PC. The one I'm on now is my dads and he doesn't let anybody on here much. Pushy sob.


                    • Originally posted by beasley23803 View Post
                      This is my favorite series and I appreciate the work put into every RE Game, thats why I am a fan of every game no matter how crappy some people think some of them to be!
                      When I read that, and then see your "signature," something does not compute.
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                      • Welcome all new comers!


                        • wow i've been here nearly a month and nver saw this thread.

                          My name is david AKA riderkid AKA riderkid98 AKA [D-a] Riderkid

                          Im an sprite comic maker on Deviant art under my username riderkid. Im a leo, i was born the year of the tiger, im an agile person for over 430 Lbs and am still active despite a grinding pain in my knee. I am 22, and have been a rapid attendant at hartford CTs connecticon for the last 5 years, sometimes planning up to a year before the event.

                          I also run gamefans TV. a sort of homage to the classic Gamefan magazine that ran in the 90s. Im also an aspiring chef and am always experimenting with vegetable and olive oils trying to find the next big combination, and at the time of writing am using parsley in my experiments.

                          Thnk yu


                          • Hi everyone, just joined the forums. I've been playing Resident Evil since 1996, I think Resident Evil 2 is probably my favorite, though I love them all.

                            Well enough about me :p


                            • Wellcome all of you! =D

                              @riderkid: Deviant art link? I wanna see your works


                              • Name's Chris, 19, I'm currently a (crap) college student in upstate New York (though I'm from Brooklyn in NYC). I'm at a massive standstill, confused, and I found it appropriate to essentially regress back to my pre-adolescent/early teen years . I'm just now getting back into the RE series, forming new perspectives on the story, characters, and style after maturing enough to understand them fully. I'd say my favorite in the series is RE2, simply because from a horror perspective it has everything– minimalist tension yet also effectively grotesque scenes (e.g. the G-Imago), brooding music (some of it recalls stuff not unlike David Lynch style; I like!), and great shocks– from a gameplay perspective the first playthough is challenging and fun enough to last long and the subsequent runs are easy enough to go for the unlockables.

                                What hooked me to this site in particular was the RPD Dispatch podcasts. I loved hearing input on RE 1-CV from a more off the cuff perspective. The discussions probably provided inspiration for this username, because I do think the residence portion had the best BGM. My favorite is the main corridors of the guardhouse, because to me it gives the best indication of what it was like to live in the mansion. It's haunting but it's also very down and depressing, when you combine that with the files and the atmosphere (e.g. the man who hung himself), it's just effective.

                                On that note (I hate myself for this pun) I'd say my favorite thing is music, only it's of a rock/garage/punk/pop perspective. Stuff from the 50s on, but I have a soft spot for psychedelic, shoegaze, dream pop, etc. Here's my page for that kind of thing